I'm a guy age 17. Sometimes when I'm walking and talking with a lady friend during school, (when other people are around) I find myself getting an erection, not complete, but it's on it's way up. And this is just walking, no contact whatsoever, the discussions are non-sexual. And I don't think of sex at least not in these specific instances. I'm getting erections. It would be embarrassing if people noticed this. How would I prevent getting an erection next time I'm conversing with a lady friend?



I think it's not unusual for this to happen to someone your age especially if you're feeling good about yourself and the lady you're with, even if it is bad timing. Sometimes it can happen at awkward times. How to stop it from happening next time - I'll leave that for one of the guys to answer. Take care.

It sounds like you might have Surprise Boner Disorder. http://www.apa.org/dsm-iv/surprise-boner-disorder.html

I'm just messing with you. :) It happens sometimes. It happened occasionally to me too when I was younger. Usually more from contact than from talking, but whatever -- everyone has little weird things about them. No big deal.

One thing you could try is stretching. It'll move the blood around your body and away from the Admiral. You could also point it upwards (peeking out of your boxers) and just let it happen. You'll have to find a sneaky way to do it so it doesn't look like you're fondling yourself in front of the girl. Like, if you walk towards her and feel it coming up, just pretend to get distracted by something behind you and position it upwards. (WARNING: DO NOT WEAR SHORT TSHIRTS.) If you're already in a conversation, just turns and say "ouch, my boxers are all messed up, sorry, hold on" and turn away and do the same thing. You can also say you "have to adjust your boys." If they ever ask, just tell them it's the curse of having oversized, impressive genitalia. LOL.


Don't be too hard on yourself!

(lame joke, I know)


What if shes sitting in your lap when it happens?

It does happen. Be gentle with yourself. Its nothing out of the ordinary.



dude don't worry about it there is no way to stop it or prevent it. There is some way to lose it it works on most of the cases just do this:

think of a blank space most people think of black or white by the way. Next try taking a deep breath calm down your nerves and your "guy" should have calm down to mid erection so try telling them you need air so avoid them, especially the ones giving you the erection for 2 minutes then you should be fine by then.

tbh most lads (boys) have the same problem even myself it just happens and when its in a awqward moment etc kissing, hugging any sexual contact. best ways to get rid of the erection is stretching, thinking of something none sexual, fresh air, or just keep kissing and hugging and just point it up outa your boxes lol. i know these ways have already been explained on here but ive been in these positions myself and found ways to get around them. :)

I have the same problem in class. I usually fix them before i stand up, i get nervous someone will see me though so i will usually fix it when we're taking notes and everyone is looking at the board it helps to have distractions..:D

if it get really bad, tell her that you need to go to the toilet, get some water or have a smoke or something and then do it and let it calm down and then go back.