It is hard for me to be around people in a social setting. My palms sweat, my voice shakes—it seems like I never say or do the right thing. Sometimes Read More »
I heard just today on TV an expert talking about new studies reference the link between insomnia and weight gain, but I missed the resource. Read More »

So I was wondering where I might be able to learn a little bit more about depression? I know someone who might have it, but I don't know where to lo Read More »
I'm 21 years old and my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 10 months now. We decided to move in together about 8 weeks ago and it's a decision I don't regret. Our relationship is a strong one, I love and trust him, as I believe he loves and trusts me. My problem: He's a struggling musician trying to break into the recording industry. Read More »
alright I'm 16 and i have breakdowns every night cant sleep and just wanna stay away from home as long as possible my parents well my dad, my mom has deceased, and my step mom, always say its my fault and always say its me im wrong and never give me space i just wanna run and never come back since im 16 can i leave some how without fighting HELP!! Read More »
Ive been going out with this boy for about 3 months now and im starting to go off him. He is starting to annoy me and ignor me and i think i might finish it but thats not the problem ive been cheating on him with this other guy, one of mine and his good friends, i really like this other boy and he really likes me to and i wish i could just finish Read More »