My bf and I known each other for three years now.. we break up and make up, pretty much every two or 3 monts. Beside when we first started dating. We have had so many awfull fights. It gotten physical no one in my family sides knows and the friends of my mine that knew quit talking and hang out with me, his parents knows and even came and inturepted a few fights before. Some of my biggest issue with him were or still is. Trust,addiction problem,and to attache to me, like he's can't be alone. I have had so many mix emotions about me and him sometimes I just shut myself down. But then everytime Read More »
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I am 26 years old and have been working for in a sales position job for the past 6 months and have yet to make a sale. I have presented several proposals to clients some even with the help of my boss. I am paid commission only so I have not made any money and have been barely getting by with the help of my bf and a $600/month edd check which recently ended 2 weeks ago. After living w/ my bf for 2 years our relationship wasn't the best and now that he is supporting me financially it has gotten even worse. He has always been the type to have an excu Read More »

I have been diagnosised with ADHD, Depression, High (NOS) Anxiety Disorder. I've been treated for these conditions for the past 20 years or a little more. I've seen several Psychiatrists since we've moved a lot even across the states. Almost all of them have concured on the same diagnosises. However, 2 days after Halloween this year. As I was taking down the decorations in preperation for company, my husband was sitting nearby at his desk and somehow we got on the topic of how I was feeling. He printed out a letter he had written to me back in December of 2011 and never given it to me. Read More »
Well, thanksgiving just passed, and it was horrible. I binged and purged about 6 times. It was even worse that everyone kept telling me I looked good and asked how I lost so much weight. I just felt so guilty throwing up my food on a dau when I'm supposed to be thankful for everything I have. How am I supposed to make it through christmas? I want to be able to enjoy opening all my presents and spending time with my family instead of worrying about food.
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I'm diagnosed with cyclothymia and severe depression.

Right now I've been depressed for the last 2 years or so.
I'm wondering if anyone can tell the difference, and figure out what might be actual psychotic depression, rather than the general paranoid depression?

Personally my depression is generally pretty sane and thus very dull.
However it gets more 'exciting' in the agitating way, when it gets more symptoms.

Right now I feel as though my phone and room are bugged and my house mate is spying on me for some reason. Not enough to not be in the room but enough for me to feel like e Read More »
Since the time I was a young child, I have had a tumultuous relationship with my mother. Throughout the years, I have realized that my mother is seen a certain way by family, and a different way by work friends and the general public. She puts up a front, often "Martha Stewart-esque," where she is the ideal hostess, best worker, ideal mother, dearest friend. But living with her is another story. She is a rageaholic, and spends a large part of her time complaining, yelling, swearing, at anything and everything. She goes on diatribes about her work situation, supervisor and coworkers, and gets Read More »
Ok, to start things off I need to say that I get a little heated VERY easily. My dad just got his life together a few years ago from heavy drinking and drug use and has fully severed all associates and paths to lead him down that with path with certain people again. My mom divorced him from drinking actions and now, out the mercy of my mom, I get picked up Friday-Sunday to spend time with him. My dad is always consoling when i have a problem, for a short while. If i talk about a problem he goes off getting pissed, raising his voice and almost like he's gonna smack me, which he never did, ever Read More »
I have this urge to pull my hair , sometimes I don’t even notice Im doing it . I started at a very young age maybe I was about 12 or 13 Im 19 now . I started off by pulling out one by one from the top scalp of my head . Sometimes I don’t even notice Im doing it but before I know it I can litterly pick up a hair ball from the floor from all the hair Ive pulled out . Its such a weird feeling, its like it gives me pleasure to pull out hair by hair . I exmain the hair before I pull it , from the sclap to the tip . The thicker hairs are the ones I choose , usally those come out with this little wh Read More »
im not really sure what to do. ive been stuggling with a ton of mental issues through my life but for over a year now everything has been for the worst. my highschool friends, almost all of them, ditched me last year and it made me turn for the worst. recently my best friend and only confident decided to start ignoring me too. even though i have a bunch of new great friends from university i feel utterly alone. if i talk to them too much in a day i feel like ive bothered them and i pull myself away. i drive myself insane. my thoughts are almost all cynical. but i cant help it its all i know. Read More »
Now I've written on here about my mental issues which include self-destructiveness, and incest fantasies. But I've been wondering lately if they might be linked to my time in the womb. I've read all kinds of things about premature babies but could hardly find anything on post mature babies. I haven't found anything useful about it. It all started when I searched info about underdeveloped lungs. Then it lead to this subject. Everyone says it can't happen, but no one gives any answers about the " What If..." scenario.

What if a baby was born about a month & a half late? As is my case and m Read More »