I am 24 years-old who's suffering from some severe anxiety over my health.

It all started when I did some research on my symptoms on the internet. A lot times, the results would have the word cancer and I would be totally paranoid. I would read the symptoms off the medical websites and I would be in dreadful fear. After that, I constantly non-stop thinking that something is severely wrong with my health. I started this around a year ago when I had pain in my body that doctors and health tests can't diagnose. I've seen a couple of different family physicians and also a cou Read More »
Situation is that I have an 84 yr old mother living with a fifty something brother that has a history of bipolar or schizophrenia. It is hard to know what exactly the diagnosis is from my mom. They live in another state 2 doors from my sister. The brother makes irrational associations between things. For example, he went into a tirade on the phone saying that my sister's dogs and dirty (not) house are the reason the baby had to go to the ER. Not true, totally unrelated to need for visit. He will be fine for a while then starts to get more agitated and then can become verbally abusive,shouting Read More »

I am 28 and I have been out of college for a while. I have been dating my 31 bf for 7 years and I have never been with another man sexually. As a college student was friends with a guy. We were/ are very close and I ALWAYS felt very safe around him. After college he went into the army and I have not seen him since that time a year ago. This past weekend a mutual friend of ours threw a party at a local bar and I attended. My boyfriend had to work so another friend came with me. I won't lie, I was drinking. I was not blacked out but I will admit that if I had not stopped when I did, I would hav Read More »
Recently I have become very interested with how I can use my imagination to basically create a whole new life. I have been constantly thinking about specific empowering thoughts, and also constantly imagining myself as what I want to become ( a singer guitarist making a lot of money playing in bars and coffee shops, as well as other visions and goals I have for myself). Anyhow, I came across a new age thought book by Christian Larson. He talks about how people who are successful and obtain all their dreams and goals are the ones who take control of their minds and constantly think about what Read More »
I have been wondering this for a while now, because I have a weird habit of eating things off of my body. I don't eat like, soap or rocks or paper or anything, but I eat like, scabs, dandruff, boogers and eye mucus.i am concerned because I do not know what it could do to my body by eating this stuff. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember and I'm 18 years old now and still doing it. I would see a doctor about it but have no insurance or money to do so. Could I get someone's honest opinion please??
Also, I know it sounds disgusting, but please don't judge me. We all have our own p Read More »
Hi I'm 22 years old I meet my boyfriend around July of 2011 . At first when I meet him everything was good he would take me out to eat or the movies or just out . After a while I guess it was all fake a way to get to my heart for the moment and later show his true colors . After a while he would never pick my calls much and when he did call me back he would tell me his in the studio making music and that he didn't like when people disturb him that music was his passion and that no one could get in between that and well it bothered me him barely calling or pickin up same on text messaging but Read More »
I've met this guy online and I really felt in love with him. He said that he would come to meet me however he had problems at work which caused his delays. There was also a time when I really needed him and he lied that he can help me but he did not. Then I met another guy in person. He felt in love with me. He has a kid and much older than my boyfriend.
I got honest with them and told them about it. My online boyfriend was so hurt and so was I. But then he forgave me and accepted me. I waited for us to finally meet but then something went wrong at his work. I feel like losing hope.
Then Read More »
I am 20 years old. I have been with my boyfriend for about eight months. We went to high school together in our junior/senior years, but we didn't actually start talking until college. We began hanging out and I had a blast. I loved being around him because he could always make me laugh. I used to be nervous when we would hang out but as soon as I saw him all the nervousness washed away. He then asked me to be his girlfriend. I started to freak out and told him I needed to think about it. At the time I wasn't sure if i was ready for a relationship (I never dated anyone before him). A Read More »
I am a 14 year female. I prefer my doors and windows to be closed. Let me tell you that when I'm outside the house, amongst the society, I freely and openly talk to all. But just that I prefer to be left alone when I'm home. I need my space. I do not like unknown people. I do not like nosy people. But my parents constantly oppose this. Not that I do not converse. I am having a huge Friend Circle. Then why are parents opposing my closed doors and curtains. I spoke to my closest mature friends, they said that I'm an extrovert. Then why do I prefer my curtains and doors closed? Why are my paren Read More »
My mother seems to be opposing me on everything. She does not take me seriously in any matter. She seems to hate me. She is always after me. I dont know what her problem is. But this is becoming very frustating. I am perplexed, I dont know how i should react. I tried to talk it out but things grew worse. She talks to me only when there is some work. Is it due to my academic results that have slowed down? Or is it due to lonliness she is suffering since my father works abroad. I try my level best to understand her but it seems she just wants to be herself. what should i do? Read More »