I can't stop exposing myself or looking at porn. I have been doing this since age 7, now I am 39. I always make the exposing look accidental, by just wearing loose basketball shorts, and boxers. I always position myself in a way to give a girl a clear shot of my penis, and just wait for their reaction. Sometimes they will look for a long time, sometimes they will tell me, and two times they have shown themselves back to me. I was arrested 2 different times for this in my past. 10 years ago and 5 years ago. My arrests made the local news, I went to jail. I lost my jobs both times, and m Read More »
Dear whoever it may concern,
I do not know if what I am feeling is teen angst or moodiness due to the influx of hormones one receives whilst transitioning into the role of an "adult" (my newly emerging cynicism says that others might think so) or something terribly more serious. But I have to say this in hope that writing this down will help.
I feel terribly sad. All the time. At short moments I will myself to forget that I am so by watching T.V. or surfing through the net. I find myself hurt by anything that anyone says, even when I know they are joking. A look of "What are you talking ab Read More »

This is the first time i have ever even spoke about Trichotillomania to anyone so please be kind I've felt too ashamed to even talk about anything to do with it. I started with this hair pulling thing about four years ago, I was 13 then so I had no idea what it was that was giving me this compulsion to pull all the hair from my eyebrows and eyelashes but I found it too enjoyable and relaxing to stop once started. When this was happening I knew everyone had noticed and my mum would always say mean things to me about it and tell me to just stop it basically which made me have really bad self co Read More »
I don't know how to explain it other than it's like the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. My weaker side reaches out for help; wants help; wants to make everything normal. My cold side believe people are just pawns in a game; has no conscience at all; just does what it is conducive for me. It's been like this for as long as I can remember (I'm a 19-year-old female; in school - math major, physics minor). Let me start from the beginning.

I talk to myself. Not just conversation, but I construct worlds where I can be anything and everything that I desire. I can be a goddess or I can be as low Read More »
I am 13 years old and I think I have depression, I have done test online
And that all came back positive what does that mean and I depressed?
My friend is and she said to talk to someone but i don't know who and how
I'm scared, how to I tell my parents.

The other night I was going to kill myself but I thought of my friend and what
She's be going threw I lost a friend once to suicide what is she going to do?
How do I tell my parents If I'm depressed I'm only 13 how could this happen please
Help me I'm scared and lost and done know what to do? Read More »
I'm not sure, but am I normal? I am not like most people, I can tell you that now. I rarely find people like me, and I have more dislikes than likes. Sometimes when I am writing, I suddenly get this strong urge to write the last letter I wrote in a sentence. I cannot stop myself from doing it because my arm takes full control. While this happens, my eye starts to twitch a bit. But none of this causes pain, there's actually a bit of pleasure in my arm. It's very unusual to me, but it happens.

Another thing I am curious about is that I think I might have had depression. A while back I was f Read More »

I had this really close friend. We talked to each other about everything, and always had fun.
Whenever I was down or needed advice , she would give it to me without me even asking for it . Whenever I thought I couldn't do something, she told me that I could, and to just stay positive. She believed in me sometimes more than I did myself. I knew her since 8th grade , and now i'm currently in 12th grade. Sometimes we have our moments, but that's normal. No friendship can ever be perfect.
She was real, honest, a overall a good friend,
We go to the same school, and have the same classes.
b Read More »
Ok. So I have been with my boyfriend for just under 2 years. He has never told me he loves me, only that he loves spending time with me and that I am his best friend but that he doesn't really know what love is.

Let me start by saying that I love him. We have had a few issues over the last 2 years, partly my fault and partly his, but we have worked them out and are better than ever. With two exceptions.

#1 is that he hasn't said he loves me. I know that his family NEVER says I Love You to each other. They are not physically emotional (i.e. hugs, kisses, hand holding etc.) so I can unde Read More »
I am very worried about my 30 year old bipolar son. He's in the Army. He's had problems his whole life but we have worked through them. He has a major problem separating "real" and "fantasy". He has lied so much that "his" reality isn't real at all. He takes on "roles" and is now acting like the shooter from the CT school shootings. He's claiming HE has shot women and children. He told me he is a mass murderer. He is on meds but they don't seem to be working. I am so worried! He is becoming more and more violent in his thoughts. He is due to be discharged (for mental issues) by October Read More »
Im having an affair with my EX boyfriend again, his having one child to a woman who's very disagree to his family. His family planned that he will sent him to abroad just for them to be away with that woman, indeed it happen, im with him in the same country wherein Im working. I managed to be calm and at eased because I knew already that there family is voted for me since I was with him 8 years ago.

I love him so much for the second time around but taking the next serious relationship with him is at stake. Im so confuse now to invest my feelings wherein his having a child with that w Read More »