So I've been diagnosis with PTSD and major depression and lately i have been seeing images of my wife trying to kill me and me killing her why is this happening is it my PTSD relating with depression to her? WHAT DOSE IT MEAN? Read More »
I'm 13 today, I'm a straight a student since first school we take physics, chemistry, and biology at the same time. Im always nervous and i forget many stuff.My grades weren't that good. I got my report card and my percentage was a 93% I cried so hard almost the whole school new and I'm very sensitive so I while eventually cry. I had an 80% in history but there straight as so they changed it to a 100%. Then my final percentage changed it to a 98% I cried for happiness. Then they changed it to a 94.64%, I cried so much because I've never taken a report card less then a 97%. I was rea Read More »

anorexia at eleven, which later progressed to bulimia when I was thirteen. I also self-harmed.
extremely suicidal.

See, I've been looking at photo albums. Me, at the ages of thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. My sallow, silver eyes; my black hair and crazy, silver outfits. I looked good. I was interesting; I adored moonlight and rock music and horror films. I was a sullen, sad, gloomy little thing.
I was looking at some conversations I had on Facebook a couple of years ago. I was so funny. There was this boy. This one boy, who I love so much. He was as lost as me. He used to talk to me abou Read More »
i don't know what to do...

i just found out my mom is cheating on my father.. and they fight all the time.

im scared that they are going to end up separating soon. the way i found out was i looked through her phone. i know it was wrong but i heard her talking on it today and heard her say "i love you". and i turned around and my my dad wasn't on the phone. she started texting right after and the min. she left i looked through and they had a date tomorrow night. and they were calling each other babe or baby.

i just don't know what to do. it seems lie everyday they get into more an Read More »
My mom and dad have been married for 9 years. they have been fighting, and are living separatly but are not divorced yet. i think they are waiting until after my bat mtizvah in April. latley my mom has been contacting an old high school friend alot, and goes to bed crying and texting every night. i hacked into her facebook and read her messages to this man. she constantly confesses hr love to him. i don't know what to do, they have already asked each other to marry. her and my dad are still marreid. and if she marrys the new guy, i have to move to new york from FL.. what do i do? if i confron Read More »
My 27 year old daughter is bipolar. She has a 2 year old son and they both live with me. I never know what kind of mood she'll be in so I have to tread lightly. My problem is I don't feel I have to walk on eggshells in my own home. She also has little patients with her son. To me ,he's a typical 2 year old but she keeps saying he has ocd and other mental issues. I think she should keep those kind of comments to herself and not say things like that in front of him. When he does something wrong which is often, afterall he is 2, she flies off the handle and screams at the top of her lungs at him Read More »
My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. I was very in love and loyal, but found out he had been cheating on me and had multiple other partners, so we broke up. After a year, he seemed very different and had changed his life around for the better, so we got back together. Since then he has not cheated but has gotten increasingly controlling, and as a result I have lied to be able to spend time with old friends etc. When guilt overcomes me and I admit to the lies I have told, he imposes consequences on me and more rules and says that I deserve them and it is the only way he will trus Read More »
To whom it may concern.
My dads a strict arab while my mum's english.They've been married for 32 yrs!And have had ups and downs like in any other marriages.Growing up in Jordan with my mother and my dad's family was somehow hard,while my dad worked abroad.I was probably the age of 7,8 while i started realizing that my uncle(my dads brother)was somehow in a relationship with my mom,he'd always tell me to call him dad and give me stuff to send to my mum,later years passed by where we all moved with my dad so things got calm.Returning back to Jordan at the age of 16 i met a friend which i bega Read More »
Hi, please Help!

The last time I felt truely happy, was 3 years ago when I lived in another country surrounded by completely different people. But now I am stuck in a rut, in my home town (where i didn't like to be the first time around)

I keep picturing what I want from my life. I want to meet a guy and fall in love and get married and have kids. The way my life is going, I don't see this happening.

I don't have many friends. It's not that I am not a friendly person, but I don't trust people, and when I do, they inevitably let me down. I know I probably set them up for failure and t Read More »
Okay well first off I don't classify myself as emo or anything i'm my own person that is if only I were allowed to be me... I love rock and roll and punk screamo. I love changing my hair at the moment I'm going purple (my parents kinda know, not really). But my sisters are really preppy and they have a lot of friends but me.. I don't really talk I stay in my room and at school I stay to myself that is unless you cross me! My parents are like hardcore christans and they just discovered that i'm not saved... but my real problem is i'm not really allowed to express myself which I feel is WRONG b Read More »