This is me of what I least know:
- 24 yr old man. Handsome (no joke) and talented in numerous creative things.
The full picture:
- I suffer from severe clowning possession by the devil. There are voices in my head that make me rebel on my only shield I attempt to weild and that is and religion. Honestly, I no longer can wait. I need death but I am afraid.
The things I got:
- spinal cord injury 5 years ago. (age of 19) I am completely paralysed from my neck down, I can make eloquent use from my half damaged arms.
-no sensation below neck (can't feel pain anywhere in my body or even h Read More »
So my best friend and me met in 7th grade. We were exactly the same, and were extremely similar. We both liked the same kind of music, played the same sports, wore the same clothes:basketball shorts, ankle socks, and sweatshirts with Chuck Norris and other stuff. We both weren't popular, but also were not outcasts, and girls did not really have any attraction to either of us. Anyway, me and him were the funny kids, but it was mainly me. I would always show him funny videos and we would have tons of inside jokes. He would share these jokes with other people, which got me slightly annoyed, but Read More »

I'm 36, a female. I have been unemployed since May of 2011. One day, almost 4 years to the month (october 2008), I had a surgery. Three days later I had a grand mal seizure. The following months I thought I was going crazy and was an emotional mess. Nobody seemed to understand, and I've been through the whole gammit of docors and medications. I had a great job... possibly like the one thing I felt really good about on the inside. I had my son the year I graduated high school (17 yrs old now), and I went through a lot, but I was determined and got my degree in 2004 - it took about ten y Read More »
I have a few questions about my past. I think its weird i cant remember certain things bout my past... I feel as though i was molested. but do not remember anything of the such to that extreme happening. When i was 13 i was staying with my sister untill the school year was over. there was 3 instances to were i can remember him sneaking in the room i was in to touch me. no penetration was involved that i recall. but i always remember waking up kind of dazed out to a point i questioned if anything was really happening to me or was this jus my imagination. when i moved to GA over a period of tim Read More »

I am a 16 year old white male and live in South Africa, I have severe depression. I was born blind but regained some of my vision, I am in a blind and partially sighted school that delivers a very small variety of subjects to choose from which is a problem because I have no idea in what direction my life is headed and what I want to accomplish.
Last year I had my eye on a very talented girl but my so called friend who denied feeling something for her stole her from me, I'm over her but he is the schools "jock" and excels in every thing, I really loved her but he reminds me of what I co Read More »
Mmmkay, I am 12, My name is savanna Race: White.Im bipoler. My life is very hard to write about but ill give you the basic things going on k?
See im in 7th grade I have always been made fun of called dirty mean names. I cry during school and all the kids say is, your so pathetic grow up And call me bad words. Im more mature than everyone else and i already know that. But, im not good enough for anyone wich brings me to when i get home... No guys like me yah know. I personally have a nice body,face,and personallity. But ive become kinda mean and aggresive because of what people do to me a Read More »
my son is 15 an he has bad anger problems an tried to kill hisself an is depressed an the doc put him on seraqual an he plays foot ball an is very active outside this med has alot of side affects if any one knows anything about this med could u please let me know if its a good med for him to b on or should i b concerned today was his first day on it thank u in advance Read More »
Hi, I know I have issues with daydreaming and asking this is my first step of acknowledging it. I can day dream 24/7 sometimes I'd rather do that then even live my own life. the sad part is my life isn't bad it's great really. But I day dream about the stuff in life that I know will never happen. I say I know it won't happen because people can not fly with out machines. the stuff i day dream about ranges from mystical super powers to having intercourse with people I know and made up people. I plan out so many senrio's in my head and when someone interupts me when I'm doing this I get snippy. Read More »
I am 24 years old. I suffer from anxiety. As the doctor would say. I had a panic attack about 4weeks ago. went to the E.R. and was told I suffer from anxiety. All of a sudden I get these strange feeliMngs in my head and nose. It feels as if my head is not getting enough oxygen or blood is rushing down. my body feels shaky at times and I often have hot/cold flashes. my body trembles and the anxiety have a toll on my sleep. I also have a constant fear of dying and that only excellerates my anxiety. I feel like im alone in this but do plenty of research daily research and find that their or ppl Read More »
Basically, I found a chat conversation my husband had with a classmate of his whom he met last semester. She was bummed because a guy she liked dumped her saying she was dressing too provocatively. So my husband says to her that she has a provocative body, though it's not her fault. and that many men see her and get excited and want to have a sexual relationship with her assuming that she is ready to give it up. He goes on to say that she is a good girl with a good heart, delicate with a good sense of humor and that she deserves a guy that would respect her. That's basically it. Some backgrou Read More »