I know this is long but I seriously need the opinions. I know no one can give a diagnosis on here but I just want to sure before I go off to the GP. I don't know if I'm bipolar or if I just want to be so I have an excuse for how I've acting/feeling. By that I don't mean that bipolar is desirable I just mean that I've been researching bipolar for months and that I know most of the symptoms so when I, for example, act really hyper and talking really fast I don't understand why I continue acting that way if I know the symptoms, i don't get why I don't just stop unless I'm just trying to find sym Read More »
Ok, so a brief background of my life:

I'm the first born of 3, 2 sisters and both my parents are still married. I don't get on with my family at all and find it difficult to get any emotional attachment to them. I avoid speaking to them as often as I can as it reduces conflict. I fight with family practically whenever I talk to them. They make me so angry at the way they act and what they believe and how they treat me that It makes me quiver with rage. They say they are supportive and don't mind what I do in life but I feel as though they look down on me constantly and try to power trip me Read More »

Hi, im camryn (female) and im 15.. im posting because i want to know whats up

3 years ago i cut up my arm real bad because i felt like it. I had no reason and no excuse. My mom and dad found out and talked it through. made me promise to tell them next time.

through those 3 years i relized nothing got better but only worse. I constantly feel liek a weight is in my heart and a knife is in my back. The feeling of dying is always there
my friend(s) came to me. Told me i need to 'get over myself'...

2 nights ago i cut myself again witth scissors. it hurt but almsot felt good. and i e Read More »
I don't really know where to start....

So I guess it all started during the summer. I had just finished my freshman year at college and when I got home for the summer I quickly realized all my high school friendships were gone. I tried texting some of them and they just wouldn't text back, or when we made plans they would cancel them. So I spent those 4 months basically staying home and working out (i feel that maybe my social skills faded because of this).

Then in August school started up again, but I transferred to a new university in a different state (for better opportunities) so I Read More »
Hi - Am currently undergoing weekly ECT (electro-convulsive therapy - yes shock treatments). Have had multiple 70+ over the past several years. Am wondering if anyone has experienced some of the side effects I am such as mania and memory loss? I know memory loss is very common, but I have been taking both Aricept and Namenda (for memory loss) and am only in my early 40's and feel my memory is consistently getting worse. Anyone have any experience with ECT? PLEASE no bashing of ECT's - I know there are pro's and con's I just want some sharing of experiences. Thanks Read More »
HI, I am a 30 year old woman who has had anxiety since I was 24. Back then, it was bad, and I would over think EVERYthing in my life.. carrying 'am I good enough /doing enough?" at work with me, and just overthinking my capabilities. What is strange, is that I am a person who is EXTREMELY responsible, and a MAJOR people pleaser. My mother is manic, and I have just started realizing a lot of my anxiety has stemmed from me thinking I'm just not good enough.. minimizing my Worth. She would verbally abuse me most days , and criticize EVERY single thing I ever did, felt, or said.

I actually wen Read More »
i've tried to be strong for a long time but some days i feel like this this pain is not going to end. most of my life, from elementary school through high school and college, i was depressed. but i only sought out professional help last year when i started to become suicidal. i dropped out of college because i couldn't deal and now spend most of my days at home. as a quiet, reserved person i found it hard to get along with my peers and this resulted in not having many friends. most of my problems i went through alone. i only have my immediate family right now (mother, father, sister) and even Read More »
I feel as though my brain and my body are two separate people when it comes to emotions. My body shows responses to the emotions (ex. smiling when happy, heart racing when scared or when loving my child, pit in stomach feeling when something frightening just happened, laughing at funny things) but my mind won't recognize the actual emotions. I haven't always been like this but it started around 15 months ago right after I had my baby. Sometimes, things also feel very unreal to me. I suffer from depression, anxiety and I'm pretty sure paranoia. My anger is actually the only emotion my mind see Read More »
I have had difficulty with this couple who happen to be my husband's parents. Someone suggested to me that they might have a personality disorder particularly NPD but I am not so sure. I don't know much about this and from what I have read they have some of those traits but not all. They do seem to have empathy for their family at least. Their adult sons do not seem to feel like they were slighted as children. They are not implulsive and in fact are very "careful" about what they do and say. Their relationship with each other is stable and they generally don't have tempers. The woman actu Read More »
Im kind of new at this talking thing so here it goes....When I was seven my grandfather died who I was really close to. I am 21 now and I have pulled my eye lashes out since then only in the past couple of years I have began to pull my eye brows and hair from my head out. I am currently trying to get a degree but my "other issues" are getting in the way. I have tried a couple of therapists but they haven't seemed to help. My parents always made me very self conscious of how my persistent pulling made me look sometimes they would hit me because of it rather than taking me to seek help. They w Read More »