I'm going in holiday in 3 days and i have some bad scars from self harm which are quite visible, my family know i self harm, or did do and i'm scared about people seeing, especially my parents because i'm scared they'll ask questions and be disgusted making the whole holiday awkward, i don't know what to do, i'm terrified about going, and what if people think i'm an attention seeker? I don't know what to do, i know it'll be really uncomfortable and, yeah, advice please? I'm 14 and a girl btw, i've been self harming for about 5 years and i didn't know what to put as the category, thank you a Read More »
Not really sure what to start with but here we go. I am a 17 year old girl. Ive discussed my anxiety issues in some of my old posts. I still have problems with anxiety but i wouldn't say that is as bad as it was before. I'm now on a generic for Effexor that i take 2 times a day and generic for Colodopen that i can take if i need to to calm down. These do help the anxiety.

My parents are fighting a lot. Everyday they are screaming at each other and now my dad is supposed to leave. I'm still having problems dealing with my sisters death that happened nearly 4 years ago, she had brain cancer Read More »

Age: 16
Sex: Female
Come from a reasonable background, grew up with my grandma because my mum is an alcoholic and my dad does nothing but work, i was sheltered from a lot of my mums actions until around 11 when i stopped seeing my grandma due to her death, i repeatedly put up with my mum drinking, cleaning her sick up, abuse (nothing major just arguments etc) Mum walked out on me and my dad 3 weeks into my first year of high school (i was about 12) and i didn't see her for 2 years, she then got in contact and we talk occasionally now.

Anyways, For the past couple of months or so I've bee Read More »

Just a quick background. My fiance & I have been together for 3 1/2yrs. He has a 6yr old son from a previous marriage. We all have a great relationship and my stepson and I have formed a great relationship and he has accepted his fathers new realtionship with me amazingly great.
My question relates to something that happened this weekend. I am a heavy sleeper so cant be sure how long this was happening, but when i awoke i felt a hand on my butt, touching it and my sweatpants were pulled down with my butt exposed. I was shocked to say the least & was at a loss as to what to say, so Read More »
me: a teen male, outsider, computer geek, nerd.

we had to do a writing asignment to talk about our friends in FLA. I realized something- I have none. and I didn't care. didn't even notice. people have called me odd before, but I never cared about people much, but recently I did a bit of a self evaulation to see myself as others would

1. numbers. if a number isn't 4, a prime, a multiple of 8 or a fibonnacci number I flip out. when asked how many cans there are I will say '6 times 10 to the 0' just to avoid saying 6 by itself. one time I spent 3 HOURS rewriting a computer script so it wou Read More »
I'm 26 years old. I prefer not to use my real name, for safety reasons. When I was in high school, I got bullied a lot, which I couldn't take well. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schitzophrenia when I was a junior in high school. I never went out as a kid like most did, in fact my highlights for high-school were finishing the Iliad and making cookies by myself. I was always alone, mostly because I was precieved as violent, which wasn't true, I just couldn't discern the voices in my head from what was real until later. Its still hard now. I didn't really date much in high-school, mo Read More »
Who I am:
Female - 28 years old - got married last May
Only has a partial left ovary
I am 200 lbs and 5'2 in height
I am half chinese but I am dark
Best or possible diagnosis of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Where it Started:
When I was 5 I remember spying on my mom - to see if behind my back she was talking to someone else and if she had another family when I'm not around. That was weird I thought, before that, when she was pregnant with my little brother she used to hit me, bite me, slap me and all. I was a battered child back then. It was hard, hurtful and scary but that d Read More »
Okay so I’m 16, and I’m already feeling sick of everything. I have no motivation to do anything, I’m anti social, and I feel I have no passions or hobbies. My family is pretty complicated, and we have a history of depression and various other ‘disorders’. My sister (now in her 20’s) has been diagnosed with bulimia, depression, and anorexia; she used to cut herself frequently, and has tried to commit suicide. My parents are divorced, and have been for about four years. My grandmother has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and my dad has been unemployed for years. My family has huge financial pr Read More »
Okay so I am a 20 year old female and I am in crisis I am not going to hurt my self but I am on the edge. I was diagnosed with Dysthymia when I was 14 and it just got worse from there. I have no job I just dropped out of college for the 3rd time and I am basically homeless. I am living with my aunt (Also she does not believe in mental issues and is very upset with me because of mine) and this is my last chance before I am put out on the streets. I feel empty, flat, and without purpose. All I do all day is lay in the bed and cry, and when I'm not crying I'm doing meaningless things like playin Read More »
I am trying to understand the following behavior in a adult. Can it be related to mental illness

*attention seeking behavior (banging objects to get attention, intense starring and other weird behavior)
*over dramatising events and being very excitable/emotional
*very nervous behavior (jumping about, shaking, stuttering etc)
*Erratic behavior/attitude to others

Also how do you deal with such behavior, which can be stressful, challenging and confusing for others (such as myself)?

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