I have problems ... I get mad easily and irritated very fast . Esp, at home. I sometimes keep it in and sometimes when i'm fed up with it I just start to scream. I feel like nothings right ... Or going to be if I don't include myself and finish w.e it may be alone . Sometimes I get depressed and start to cry .... For no reason at all . I like to be myself . Im more comfortable that way . I dont trust people like I used to ... I feel like Everyones fake now , and if I dont watch my back they'll end up using me . I tend to not like a whole lot of people , and find something about them ( their f Read More »
My wife and I have been married for almost 14 years now, our marriage started out really rocky, i was in an accident and had surgery and was medicated to a point where i didnt know if i was coming or going. I ended up getting into a fight with her and somehow police got involved and i said she was abusing our son at that time was 1 year old. Since then its been almost over 13 years since that day and i have never disrespected her in any way shape or form, infact i treat her like a queen i do everything for her, cook, clean, laundry, take care of kids even though my only down fall is its hard Read More »

I've been dating the same fellow for a couple of years now and the last number of months has giving me grown concern and I'm not sure how to approach or even handle this situation.

I've always known that he has had tendencies to watch porn and booty shake videos on YouTube.

But over the summer I came across pictures he secretly took of girls under the tables at the library on his phone and he was also downloading chat applications on his cell phone. I've confronted him about these and dealt with it. Or so I thought. As now I see that he is searching up beastiality on the internet. I rea Read More »
Wombtwin symdrome... is it real?

Is there such a thing as wombtwin symdrome?

I read that losing a twin in the womb can cause all sorts of things, from a feeling of sadness, lack of trust, autism, sensitive emotions, starving yourself of food/sleep/relationships, and a variety of things. Is there really wombtwin syndrome? Read More »
tely I have been really worried about my best friend(we've been friends for 10 years and we are 17). The other day her mom blew up at her and said some really hurtful things, and at one point was even insulting me. and that's not the first time something like that has happened. I have seen it happen sometimes and it looks like her mom is aiming to hurt her. She always brings up the past and says horrible things, like she should just move out, because she didn't care. And one time her mom told her that she should change so her mom could be happy because she makes her feel like shit. I know Her Read More »
I have never been diognosed or treated for any kind of mental illness. For awile i have experienced a out of body feeling. My thoughts just dissapear, my mind just goes blank and i feel like im gone for awile. Like i just lost a piece of time. I can't remeber a lot even if it was 5min ago. I Sometimes have auditorial and visual distorted haullucinations. At times im calm and mabye sad about something, the next im kinduv hyper and i can't sit still. I sleep to much or i have trouble sleeping. Im lightheaded alot and dizzy, sometimes it makes me ? reality. I feel sick alot. At times i want to s Read More »
Hi about a year ago I was diagnosed with OCD. I have coped with it quite well over the years, well enough until last passed fall time of 2011 and again it appeared to return just under two months ago.

I'm trying to find ways to cope with it. I have found a few triggers such as fall time (I think) or end of summer. Certain bands (music) at certain times make me in a way, queezy. And newly found that when I volunteer to work at the bingo, I go on edge all day.

I have to volunteer there as part of my job. I'm not sure what about it makes me feel the way that I do but it drives me crazy, s Read More »
I believe I am addicted to a past lover/relationship (or how it made me feel at least) and have been for a long time. It's been 3 years and even I find my fixation on this girl to be ridiculous and unhealthy... even with OCD. Yet I do not know how to move past it. I am no danger to her physically, the problem lies with me. The mere idea of having to actually move on for good scares me and ever since the relationship ended I have been depressed. I've been reading articles on OLA ever since my therapist mentioned it to me and some of it really rings true to my situation. Any advice on how to ov Read More »
I am 21, and have a 6 month old son with my 25 year old boyfriend. He was a bit of an accident, especially since Dustin and I no intentions of ever having children, but is now the joy of our lives.
Dustin and I never wanted to marry either, but it has become frequent topic as of late.

I'm not so sure about it. I have some pretty terrible baggage that he's aware of (for the most part), a lot of which could hinder me from being a good mother, a could-be good wife, and a happy person in general.

I have a lot of "daddy issues", far too extensive then to be explained easily, but the Read More »
Hi All
I am BPD and I just wanted to ask is this overwhelming feeling part of it .Every situation that comes my way seems way too big and if more than 1 occurs im just so overwhelmed I feel like I cant cope or im loosing control .It scars me as I dont want to go back to my old way's but I just want to feel able to go a day without feeling like im drowning .I am in therapy and on meds but it works while im there but not if I try help myself ,feel like such a failure :-(
Thanks for reading this xxxx Read More »