I have been seeing my therapist for 2 years. I think she is a good therapist but for the last few months I feel tension between us because I disagreed with her. Last month, I asked her if she was sorry that she picked me as a patient. She wouldn't answer the question. All she said was if I'm unhappy she will give me recommendations to other therapists. Yesterday I sent her an email asking her what I did to her that she dislikes me so much. Her answer was she is sorry I feel that my therapist doesn't like me and she can give me referrals. She is strict, put all these boundaries on me but I Read More »
I seem to have hit a dead end. I'm a 14 year old girl, a freshman in high school.
Prior to these past few years, I was overall, a happy, as well as likable child. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at around age 10, which provided answers to some of my differences, such as my abnormally high intelligence and my difficulty with social interaction. Also, a year before that, when I was around 9, I started experiencing stress from time to time; no big deal, right? Unfortunately this stress has continued to accumulate over a period of 5 years, leading me into depression.
At this point, I h Read More »

Plz help, I m dieing, wat heppening u want believe where I work I have to pick up things from the floor , so I feel that so dirty after work I washed my car seats steering wat ever wat I touch, that's not enough if I see my colleague in any shops, petrol station , with my relative I never go to there if I have to than I washed myself day by day I m going to be lonely very lonely my family knows abt it they r also so sad this is not a joke plz help me out I don't know wat to do I m so helpless I can't talk to my friends well I don't have more friends left that dont know abt this but I m maint Read More »
I love my mother. She loves me back. But things just tend to go wrong. She will oppose every opinion of mine. For example, The day I tell her that i want milk, she wont serve me; The day I tell her I do not want milk, she will serve me and see to it that i drink it. A boy from my class was becoming over-protective towards me. Went I told this to my mother she said its just a teenage problems. Finally, one day he got too cozy; I slapped him and reported to the Head. That is when she took a look. I am perplexed. She seems to go opposite to me in all matters. Please help me. Read More »
i have a friend from my childhood. he is a good friend of mine. i helped him when he loved some other girl. infact she is also one of my friends. after sometime, they broke up. and he cried alot. i helped him coming out of depression as he is my best friend. one day he behaved so wierdly. he tried to have sex with me. i slapped him and i cried alot and requested him many times to stop it. he dint listened to me. after that he started to cry and said that he was extremely sorry for everything. but i was hurt and stopped talking to him for three long years.
after 3 years, again i met him beca Read More »
Hi. I'm 17 years old and in high school.I've had problems with one of my teachers lately and have even seen the school counsellor about these problems. He is obsessive towards me and is very over-protective. He sometimes scares me. This year had gone out of control. I could not deal with him anymore so I slipped up and told him that I hate him. We(he and I) talked to the principal about the situation and my counseller helped me through the year. He and I sorted out oour differences or so I thought until, he completely ignored me then the next week he tried to keep one of my friends away from Read More »
So I've been with my husband for 8 years and married for a month....we've been through a lot together....he's cheated on me multiple times...tried to mess with my sister....slept with multiple women...had a baby by another woman...yet I continue to forgive him....we have two babies together and I've been with him since high school ....he's my first love and I've accepted all he's done including the child he had by another woman....recently he attempted to mess with my sister AGAIN!!! he claims he was extremely drunk...I had no feelings....I couldn't cry...I didn't know how to feel...so now th Read More »
i think i have schizophrenia. i hear voices, and no matter how hard i try to tell my self there imaginary, they wont go away. i also see things and fell things that i hate. i fill like a monster for seeing and felling those things but they wont stop no matter how much i say no or try to push them out of my head. im so scared that i will turn into that person that i promised my self i would kill my self if i got close to it. some times i can stop the fillings and the imagis and the vocies but its getting harder. i want to see a docter but im afraid that i will be commited for ever because the Read More »
I've been unemployed since last year December. After when I graduated from college, I have been having a lot of difficulty finding a full-time career due to my lack of experience. I'm grateful that I came from a well-off family and because of that, I don't have trouble with living. However, I am really stressed out because of not having anything to do everyday. I'm someone who likes to keep life busy but day by day... it has been a difficult year for me. Mentally and physically; both has been gotten worst over the year.

I find myself over-thinking about a lot of things that happ Read More »
I've been friends with this girl for 5 yrs. The first 1 yr I had not a single complaint with the friendship. We spoke in some form (IM, Text, Phone, Email) seemingly 50 times a day, so much so that when I went away for a 4 day trip she said to me "What am I going to do when you're gone?"

Some of the people she knew her whole life were in very volatile friendships with her and I took her side always because I didn't see any of the behavior the others were mentioning.

Background on the friend. Has lived in the same city her whole life. She had a strange relationship with her now divorc Read More »