My husband and I have been married 31 years and have enjoyed a heathy sex life until recently. In the past few months I have started doing something that I have never done before. During intercourse, I clamp down and push out my husband's penis. I am not aware that I am doing this, he says that it feels that I am pefectly relaxed at the time. There isn't any pain involved at all and it isn't that he can't penetrate, its just during. I have researched some but the only thing that I can come up with is this Vaginitmus or something like that. That doesn't help me much either because I don't Read More »
cool well were do i start, my bride to be meet whn i was about 13 she is older thn i am an was 15 or 16, we talked all the time over the phone an she was the 1st person i was in a way sexual interacted with she lives in Co me in Az she we txted naughty things not hard core stuff cause i was only 13 an didnt really know wat i was doing but i flirted with her an got a couple of pic of her. after this went on for a while i got caught with the pics an texts, tht summer was the year i started high school an than after i matured abit we started talkin again,we talked all throught my freshmen an sho Read More »

I'm a 17 year old girl, I'm not a typical teen as I'm just a very closed person due to things that has happened to me as a child. At the age of 6 I've been getting sexually abused by a relative of mine, its been going on from age 6 to age 14. My sisters and I have suffered abuse from this man and we decided to keep it to ourselfs as we didn't want to cause any grief and hurt to anybody in our family. The strange thing is, while I was going through this I wasn't really angry, hurt and upset. I would always just be annoyed at his presence and always thought he was just a filthy man. It wasn't u Read More »
So me and my boyfriend been together for quite some time now. I never questioned anything hes said to me but after a few incidents i dont know if i should trust him. Here are a few reasons....The other day i dont know how exes came up but he mentioned me being friends with my ex still on fb and I was like if it that big of a deal i will delete him, and I did. Just the next day he said something about him deleting all his exes off fb and blocking them, (He randomly volunteered to tell me he did.) then as I'm laying on his chest he was on his phone scrolling through his news feed and I see one Read More »
We met in high school. We are the same age and she was a sweet girl but had a slight rogue side which I liked as I had the same attributes. When she finished her final year high school exams she had a score that allowed her to study at some of the better universities around town. She did not immediately apply for university, she just wanted any old job and to not have a load of commitments. I understood that, as I was an apprentice cabinet maker (not too hard:)) and was doing a trade certificate at the time. We would go to parties, clubs and bars and were enjoying life as late teens early twe Read More »
I have been with my partner for just under 18 months. He is a fantastic man. At the start of our relationship it was important that it was serious so we dicided to start a family and fell pregnant by 3 months. While i have also known my partner loves a small bet on the horses it didn't seem to be anything to worry about. However a couple of months ago he "urgently" needed to pay an outstanding bill that i was unaware of so i let him use almost the last of our money for a fortnight to pay it. I also went to the pub the next day with him and i had put i think $50 aside so he could have a drink Read More »
Recently my mom took me to the doctors and I thought they would be able to tell I was bulimic( and I was sort of wishing they would) but they didn't. Then a couple of weeks ago I gave blood and end up passing out because I was very dehydrated.
My mom is beginning to get suspicious and questions me alot. I am really good at hiding it though, I expected her to notice a little, but she told my two little sisters to listen while I'm in the bathroom to make sure I'm not throwing up all my food.
I wish she wouldn't have told them that because it is really affecting them. My youngest sister has a Read More »
I'm a 16 year old girl. I've been struggling for a number of years with varying degrees of depression. Originally it would just be intense feelings of regret. Then pessimism. Then self loathing. And now I just don't really understand the point of it all. I just want to give up.
I feel like a failure. I set all of these goals and expectations and never fulfill any of them. I can acknowledge that they're high standards but that doesn't lesson my reactions.
I'm having a hard time focusing in classes. I used to doodle and I'd be fine. (I might have ADD) But now my head just seems congested wi Read More »
Both children from my first marriage have alienated themselves from me, yet my relationship with my youngest is great. My middle son was very close to me until his father found a wealthy girlfriend and moved in with her. Their relationship had not been close until then but he was determined not to pay maintenance by attempting to influence the two children to live with him. This caused much confusion in my son who longed for his father's approval. My daughter saw through it and left. She was head-strong and manipulated me into signing a marriage consent form for her under false pretences Read More »
I am writing here for the purpose that I could get help from people who are going through the same thing that I'm going to or anything relative.
Basically I have not been diagnosed with any anxiety though my GP but I am very sure I have anxiety. The symptoms are mixed with general anxiety symptoms and a little bit of OCD. Obviously its not normal but has anyone experienced different symptoms from different mental disorders, as far as I can remember the last two years I have gone through allot and I don't feel like telling anybody about it. I feel lazy cant concentrate at university even tho Read More »