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Okay vacation ended about 3 days ago and I can't really bring myself to go to school to face everyone. The fact is that I'm overweight because in my previous doctor visits, my doctor's told me to start drinking more water and exercise regularly. I'm a very shy person at school and have almost no friends since they've either moved away or just started ignoring me. It doesn't really help that I can feel the stares they giv Read More »
So i dated this girl name S for less than a month but since it didnt work out we decided to be friends instead. we didnt kiss hug or any physical contact but communicatin over the phone. later on she found out she has a late stage cancer and has couple months to live. Then i get back with my ex L whose willing to support me mentally and work things out. When we get back i tell L that my friend S has cancer and is dying and i still keep in contact with her over the phone. My girlfriend was fine with it until weeks later she started to feel jealous and angry when she saw my phone gettin text Read More »

A few months ago, me and my best friend signed up for a story-sharing website, known as Wattpad. You can make and create stories, and read others' stories as well. It's pretty entertaining, but I fear my friend is taking it too far.

She has created a story that involves fantasy characters, i.e. Jack Frost. She also makes up her own mythological characters, and writes about them. At first, it all seemed like good fun, and I was happy because she was happy.

My concern is that she is starting to act as if they are "real" (i'm using this term lightly). She writes the story as if it were a Read More »
Sorry for my English, not my speaking language. I will tell you the full story. So basically for the last few days I feel different. Its like I cant think straight, my mind isnt clear and stuff like that, I wouldnt even call it depression or anxiety(even tho at 1st I thought that it is something like that,but Im not suicidal or anything, I dont have some huge panic attacks). Well I feel kinda foggy in my mind. It all started like little less then 2 weeks ago when I found out I have high blood pressure, so I started to be a bit worried, I was still normal, just worried.I was also sick, still a Read More »
I am a teenage girl in High School and have recently been feeling very frustrated with life.
It all started with a boy I met last year. He was different than anyone I've ever met. He brought out the best in me and made me feel invincible. I loved who he encouraged me to be. We were best friends and just when I thought we were at our bestest, he left me hanging. Randomly stopped talking to me and left me wondering what it is I ever did wrong. I've tried so hard to move on from my past and find a new different, but nothing seems to ever work. It's like I'm not good enough for anyone. Have you Read More »
Okay, so I have been kinda feeling depressed since I started high school. I have never been a particularly happy person, but ever since I started high school it has gotten worse. My grades (which used to be A's) are slipping to the point where I am failing a class, and I just have trouble concentrating and am never interested anymore. I also get headaches everyday which doesn't help. I feel so frustrated all the time, and I go home every night and cry and wonder how my life got to this point. My parents are threatening to take away my sports next if my grades don't go up, and honestly I don't Read More »
I was wondering if you could tell me if something was my fault. I'm 16 and I had a guy friend that was a couple of years older than me. I knew him from church so naive as I was I trusted him. I thought that because he was a Christian that he would be respectful and kind to me, but like I said I was naive. So at first we just wrestled and were playful like that. I had never gotten that much attention before so I ate it up. He was always talking about how guys should respect girls and wait until after marriage to sleep with them so that made me trust him even more. I got to know him fo Read More »
why is pc answers closing down later this month? I have always thought it to be a very useful and helpful service. Is anything similar replacing it? Read More »
When I first retained in 1st grade I was so embarrass . The kids would say " she's so stupid . Isn't she suppose to be in 2nd grade ? Well that same year I had the same 1st grade class with my sis .Couple yrs later in 4 th grade I retained again. The reason for that was when I needed help I never asked for help and I was very shy . During that time I was embarrass again . I was so tired of it because it happened twice . I didn't really cared about it because the students were nice and stuff . During 5&6 I started hitting myself and calling myself names because it really hurt & like every t Read More »
This is a strange question.. but I just wonder.. Has anyone known of anyone that has ADD or ADHD and smoked marijuana and gotten the opposite side affects. What I mean is... when a person has ADD and drinks caffeine... the caffeine will usually calm them down. That is the oppostie affect then it would have on a "normal" person without ADD. SOOOOO... When a normal person smokes marijuana they tend to have the side affects of laziness, munchies and calm. Has anyone heard of anyone that smokes and it makes them hyper, not eat/no appetite, and have insomnia????" I know this sounds crazy.. but jus Read More »