I seem to have hit a dead end. I'm a 14 year old girl, a freshman in high school.
Prior to these past few years, I was overall, a happy, as well as likable child. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at around age 10, which provided answers to some of my differences, such as my abnormally high intelligence and my difficulty with social interaction. Also, a year before that, when I was around 9, I started experiencing stress from time to time; no big deal, right? Unfortunately this stress has continued to accumulate over a period of 5 years, leading me into depression.
At this point, I have little to no motivation, very little true happiness, as well as just one friend, a few “internet friends” and an acquaintance or two; On a related note, I've never been interested in the opposite sex (nor the same sex). Neither of those things bother me, but I felt I should include them in case they were relevant.
I'm afraid of failing school, because my stress overwhelms me, leaving me unable to focus, or further my education. I also believe my high amount of stress is the reason I've been unable to lose weight, because not long after it began, I became extremely overweight, possibly obese, and haven't been able to lose any of it, despite the fact I eat relatively healthily and exercise regularly.
I currently see a therapist, have previously seen two others, and a school counselor. My parents also both have degrees in psychology, and none of the things anyone has suggested have helped me. My family also has a very limited income, so I'm unable to attend rehab or stress-relief schools/camps. Also, I've never felt suicidal or anything of the sort.

I apologize for the long read. Thanks in advance.


Hi Alex

I wonder if you may benefit from interacting with others who have Aspergers on our forums? If you click COMMUNITY top right of the page, you can register there for the forums

We have one for Aspergers http://forums.psychcentral.com/forumdisplay.php?f=81

Hope that helps a bit.

I agree. Interact with others. And if possible volunteer. Perhaps you can find work helping animals or wrapping presents for Christmas to raise money for a good cause. Helping others and getting outside of yourself may give you a little inkling of joy. And then build from there. I know that you are miserable. I've been there. but only real consistent action with a goal will get you moving towards making your own life better. YOU have to be the change. So find a therapist that does connect and not box you into a diagnosis and then get an action plan. Start with a walk for 15 minutes just once a day if you can. At least it is exercise and it is outside and different. Build from there. you won't know what helps you be happy if you don't start to try things and have a process of elimination of the things that don't work.