Ive been going out with this boy for about 3 months now and im starting to go off him. He is starting to annoy me and ignor me and i think i might finish it but thats not the problem ive been cheating on him with this other guy, one of mine and his good friends, i really like this other boy and he really likes me to and i wish i could just finish it with the other guy and go out with him but its not that simple, the guy goes out with my best friend and they have been going out for a year now he says he really likes me and always has done he was just afraid to ask me, and wishes he could just be with me but he dosnt want to finish his girlfriend, we have been meeting up secretly and hugging and kissing but i dont want to be his secret girlfriend i dont no what to do, please has any one got any advice???? i really need your help


i think yuh should stop.First off dats being two-faced and if thats your best friend den yuh shud be honest.Also,it mite come back to yuh becus how well do yuh noe dis boy and if he can cheat on ur bestii den u just mite be cheating on yuh too.Boys are snakes so watch your backk,be careful,and think about the consequences of this situation.