Last night, like many nights before, I had a dream that involved my step-daughter. Now usually, the dreams I have of her are of the two of us bonding as fathers and daughters do. She is a daddy's girl. But in the dream I had last night she was much more. The dream started out with me coming home from work and undressing, as I usually do, and crawling into bed with my wife. I kissed her forehead and rolled onto my back to go to sleep. My wife rolled over and got on top of me and proceeded to make love to me. I closed my eyes as I feel into the passion and enjoyed the feeling of my hands on her body and her atop of me. As I reached orgasm my eyes shot open but my vision was a bit hazy. As I clenched her hips as I peeked my vision cleared. It was not my wife that had been making love to me but my 8 year old step-daughter. I pushed her off of me and she hit the wall across the room. I quickly got out of bed and turned on the light to find that she was not there. Then, almost instantly, my eyes shot open and I was awake. I was mortified. I felt dirty, and sick to my stomach. I have never ever thought of my daughter in any way other than a dream come true. I've always wanted a daughter. I always said when I wad young that I'd I ever had a child i'd want a little daddy's girl. I felt so blessed when I found out that my fiancée at the time had a daughter as I had s vasectomy and could not have any more children than my son from a precious marriage.

My question is what does this dream mean? Am I some sick pedophile? Should I leave the marriage because of what my dreams are turning into? Should I seek help from a professional psychologist/psychiatrist?

Please help! It's driving me crazy. I'm afraid to go to sleep because I don't want to have another dream like this.


It's probably OCD, but I'm no therapist. Stop it now, while you can--before it gets worse. Trust me on this.

Hi there. Sometimes dreams can be literal, sometimes they can be figureative and sometimes they can be downright lunacy. I do not know which category your dream fits in to but the fact that it is disturbing you is key. Since it does disturb you, and did not give you feelings of pleasure I think that is a good sign in this particular case, but I am just a person and not a professional. I think it might be helpful to see out a counsellor just for a few sessions so they can help you figure out what is going on behind the dream. Is it a fear perhaps that as she is getting older that you will not know how to be as good of a dad as you are now that she is little? I think a trip to a counsellor would be wise on this to help you determine what is behind the dream but I do think it is a good sign that you were disturbed by it. I am sorry you are not getting sleep though. That is hard. I hope you get some relief soon and some sleep. All my best, Junie

Please dont let a dream impact your life to the point where you think badly of yourself this way

It was a dream and altho dreams can sometimes reflect our subconscious, they do not indicate that we would *do* what we dream. yes, when we have disturbing dreams they can worry us. But it isnt reality!

even something like a news report could have triggered the dream.

If it is bothering you really badly then yes, speak to a professional about it

but from what you write, you seem like a very decent person who would not harm a child. Please dont beat yourself up over a dream.

I agree - I don't think this dream means you're a pedophile or you have some deep desire for your step child. The fact this dream shocked you and you felt disgusted after, is the key indicator you're not a sick pedophile. Try not to worry. If it continues to trouble you - consult a therapist.

I do think it is just a dream too.

It could be OCD as the other poster said, because OCD does some times have unwanted/unwarranted sexual thoughts.

I dont think you are a sick pedophile either.

If it continues to happen and you continue to worry, talk to a therapist.



Hi Simonton,

Dont worry about it much, I mean your dream. It has been a long time but this opinion/observation of mine is for all who feel bad about such taboo dreams. I for one know that dreams are symbols,communication from our subconscious. It uses symbols to bypass the conscious part of our brain. I guess u've heard of that one before. But really, a stepdaughter is just a symbol that means you are trying to establish boundaries without stepping on someones's toes, or it could be your feminine side, in this case, making love to you means your feminine side,maybe your feminine side (which may tend to be a childlike or what would be referred to as girlish in the waking world) is giving you some kind of personal happiness or fulfillment but some kind of societal or personal expectation is in conflict with it. And I wouldnt worry about you being a secret pedo, see, your conscience was so strong it overrode the dream immediately, woke you up. Your heart is in the right place. You are probably a good guardian for your real life stepdaughter, there is the real stepD and she is not the one in the dream.I would go as far as to surmise that, that is what bad people have probably succeffuly repressed, their conscience as opposed to the good guys who suppress their "guilty" pleasure (or maybe just the whimsical side of their character) when in the first place these may not even be horrible things in the first place.Maybe you are just too rigid about some belief, some area of your life.Sexual release in dreams is mostly just release from some stress, comfort,gratification.Being in bed with kids you know or do not know in dreams is not really being in bed with kids,it's all symbolism. Stepdads even admire(by this I mean look and think like,oh she's goodlooking.ok.) their real life physically mature stepdaughters but it does not mean they are dirty or evil. so there.

Talk to your wife, she can help you!

Take a look at this TV commercial and website:

Good luck!