well recently (about a year) i have been getting scared of anything and everything. at first it started out with being afraid of an earthquake happeneing, then i was to scared to go outside, then scared of being alone, scared of the dark, of the quiet, i always think somebody is going to steal from me, im scared of ghost, of masks, and the list goes on. i dont know if i am slowly going crazy but the lack of going out is affecting my 11 month old son, i am always to scared to take him out. I also have this fear of getting ran over, or chased by a loose aggresive dog. i get random mood swings and i get angry sometimes without reason. my question really is, am i crazy?



"crazy" is a very misused word to describe the manifestation of symptoms that often have a very treatable cause

I would strongly suggest you see your doctor for a check up and routine bloodwork to be sure all is functioning ok and then maybe get a referral for a psychologist where you can discuss your symptoms and try to find out what may be causing them. You say the symptoms have been around for about a year and that your son is 11 months old, so I am guessing they started after you gave birth? Some women go through dramatic emotions and moods with all the hormonal changes surrounding pregnancy and birth. If you are a single mom? then the added responsibility of parenthood can also take its toll.

Are you getting enough sleep? healthy diet? moderate exercise?

Some of what you describe sounds a bit like OCD, but mood swings are not usually associated with it so it really would be wise, for your sake as well as for your son, to try to determine what is causing this

hope that helps a bit and all the best

I agree, you should have a complete physical and have your hormones checked. Have you ever had anxiety before? You're not crazy, so please be open with your doctor about your symptoms. In the meantime you can learn how to do slow deep breathing exercises and reassure yourself with positive affirmations. There's only so much we can do to control outside factors like earthquakes.

You might just skip that "blood work" and just talk with your doc about your anxiety and get a referral. Anxiety can be treated. But there is a lot about your personal situation that can be looked at, friends? family? What are your centers in life?


as you are not a woman perhaps you are not aware how hormonal and other things can severely impact a woman's system. The first place to start when one notices something is not functioning the way it used to be, is with a physical, which includes bloodwork

I have countless examples of people who were referred to psychs and put on anxiety or depression medications, when in fact their hormones were what was the problem, and even something like being deficient in vit B12 can cause symptoms that may mimic mental health issues.

advising someone to "skip" having a physical and routine bloodwork prior to then moving on to therapy is IMHO not a very responsible thing to do


Since you said you're a physician, I'm surprised you would say skip the blood work, especially since it's so easy and tells so much. A woman can experience hormonal fluctuations up to 3 yrs after the birth of a child.

Plus any good doctor wouldn't go straight to anxiety treatment and therapy, before ruling out physical reasons first. What if it is physical - should she be put on meds and sent to therapy? That would be wrong.

I agree with the ladies--and I am almost a doctor--that blood work and a visit to the MD would be more advisable firstly.

I do think it probably is something to do with anxiety and worry, but actual, medical issues should really be ruled out first.



See a doctor, for temporary relief things that you're experiencing. Try taking vitamins like stressTab, get regular sleep, avoid thinking long or deep or even computers, no caffeine, walk outside. I experienced things like that, i have anxiety. If it's not related to your postnatal depression, it's mostly stress.