Hi!First,i want to apologise for the errors i may make because i'm from Romania.My problems started when i was 16.I started inventing all sort of things,I used to throw my things from my car,i had imaginary friends,i heard voices.I came back to reality after 6 months but know i feel depressed for everything i' ve done.I accused people around me for unreal things ,I dressed weird and careless,i was out of reality,i didn" t bath a period because i thought someone was watching me.I went to the doctor but he said i was only depressed.I don" t think so..i think is more than this.I feel ashamed when i meet the people who saw me in this estate.Will i ever be able to forget everything i have done?How can i behave like nothing happened?I was completely crazy,i thought somebody wants to bury me alive.I missed a year at school but i recuperated it.Please tell me what can i do to forget all this.I apologised for what i have done to those people but it doesn"t get out of my had what they might think about me.Please,help me...can i start a new life after all this?Did anyone had a similar problem?i" m despaired.


To be honest we can't diagnose over the internet - we can speculate sometimes if the symptoms listed are very clear. Did you receive medical attention when you went through this? Do you have good doctors there? If you do, please ask for a thorough psychological evaluation to be done. Did you take any illegal drugs before this happened?

I didn"t take illegal drugs or anything like this and yes...i received medical attention..

That's good. What did the doctors say was wrong - was it depression or some kind of psychosis? Are you struggling with depression now? Don't worry about what you did before - you were ill and can't be blamed.

Sensitive people who are intellegent will understand your previous behaviour and your illness state you were in. They will not hold that agenst you. Others who hold that kind of thing agenst a person, you should stay away form. Just be selective about who you assoicate with. Accept your self.

Hi i just wanted too reassure you that in my experience it is quite usual for people who have been ill to reflect on their behavior like you have. Please dont be hard on yourself let yourself heal gently.