i am 14 and i'm not sure if i have schizophrenia. aparently, according to my friend, i have many symptoms and she persuaded me to look it up and do something about it. i always feel like someone is out there and running to come and get me. whenever i try and tell anyone about how i feel about this they start running faster and it terrifiys me, so i can't tell anyone! sometimes i see black hands under doors and things moveing that my friend can't see. it scares me so much i sometimes cry and i have to tell eveyone it's just my hayfeiver (i don't get hayfeiver). it only really happenes at school or when i am on my own. i can also hear them alot, they wisper to me and bang and crash and night. i hear them walking beside me and i am really scared. i think they have chosen me because i can hear them. they are always watching me too, through mirrors and the eyes in pictures, they see me everywhere. it doesn't happen infront of my family, and that just makes it more annoying because they don't have anything to go on, i don't know why. sometime i wonder weather it's my mum who is making this happen. but i try not to think about that. i really want to tell my mum but i am too scared to. whenever i try, i just can't, and so i get fustrated and angry and on some occations i had to run away to taulk to myself without anyone hearing. it really scares me. i feel like i have been chosen for something, but i'm not sure what. i talk to myself at school sometimes and people call me weird, i'm not weird! i can't tell my faimily because alot of things are going on and they all have alot to deal with already. and i don't know what to do or who to go to or whats wrong with me! please can someone give me some advise!! x



as well meaning as your friend is, she is not a doctor and she cannot possibly know for sure what may ail you.

You say you wonder if it is your mom making these things happen?? Why do you think that?

You also said there are a "lot of things going on" in your family....you may be under stress because of this and that could be causing the symptoms. It is very unusual for someone of your age to manifest schizophrenia, so please, don't add worrying about this to your stress. The only person who can diagnose you is a psychiatrist or a psychologist as they are trained to be able to do such evaluations. You simply have to tell your mom about your symptoms and ask if you can at least see the family doctor and then be honest about it all.

One thing to point out as well...it is known that some "recreational" drugs can cause symptoms that are like schizophrenia in young people...if you smoke pot or use synthetics or stuff like that....it could be why you are experiencing those symptoms