i've been trying to figure out whats been wrong with me for awhile. at first i thought it was an anxiety disorder and got treatment for it. i was reading over psychology one day and came across personality disorders. i fit almost all the symptons. i'm too scared to talk to my doctors that i haev now and i know for a fact my mind isn't stable. i know i couldnt go into group treatment or famiyl treatment and i can't even talk to my closest friend about it.i'm 15 years old soon turnign 16, i don't want to have to keep feeling the way i do. advise, please?


Honestly, you could do somethings yourself, but it would not be worth the struggle. It would be so rough--that is why friends are there, and that is why the doctors are there--to help.

If you feel you cannot talk to your friends, how about your family members? Is there someone close you can discuss it with? You are never alone, there is always someone to reach out to, either via email, instant messaging, that kind of thing.

My thoughts too about the doctors--what kind of doctors are they? Could you pick a new doctor, go to a T if you discussed it with your family? Why do you feel you cannot do treatment?

Here are some links on schizoid PD. Read them, and keep posting. I wish for you the best of luck!




Ugh! I'm having practically the same prob, except mine is with schizophrenia. But anyways- about you: is it possible to go to a therapist or a counseler (even a school counselor) without someone finding out? I highly suggest talking to a medical doctor also or a Pysician (i'm not sure how to spell that, sorry) to help. I hope everything is alright! Stay strong!