i think i have schizophrenia. i hear voices, and no matter how hard i try to tell my self there imaginary, they wont go away. i also see things and fell things that i hate. i fill like a monster for seeing and felling those things but they wont stop no matter how much i say no or try to push them out of my head. im so scared that i will turn into that person that i promised my self i would kill my self if i got close to it. some times i can stop the fillings and the imagis and the vocies but its getting harder. i want to see a docter but im afraid that i will be commited for ever because the fellings i have are so bad. pluse ive hear if you think of doing harm to your self or others that you will be commited for a verry long time. my question is if i can just see a docter and explane whats going on and get help without being commited?


Hi there

there may be other reasons for these symptoms. It really is best to see someone who can diagnose you. How old are you? Do you have any family you can confide in?

Hi baileybruce - I'm sorry you're feeling scared with the symptoms you're having. If you tell a doctor the truth of how you're feeling, he/she won't commit you. They only do that if a persons dangerous to themselves or someone else. How old are you? Reason we ask is, schizophrenia usually shows up around early 20's, but there's other psychosis which can cause visual and auditory hallucinations. In addition bad thoughts can also be a symptom of OCD.

Have you recently been sick with a high fever or done street drugs? We ask this because strep throat infections can have complicated neurological symptoms and street drugs can cause very serious psychological problems. Please see your doctor so you can be properly diagnosed and get the right help.....so you don't have to suffer alone.