A few months ago i was on a drug and suffered from a "Bad trip" which shouldn't have done anything. But since this event i have not felt myself. i have been reading about Schizophrenia and i feel convinced that i have this disease seeing as how i seem to have many of the symptoms it describes. i do not Know what to do and was just wondering if you could offer any advice.


Have you checked with a GP or Medical Doctor yet to see if there is anything physically wrong with you?

With the bad trip you mention, are you off of this drug? If not, this may help if you get off of it, but of course, check with a GP/MD first and be completely honest about whats going on...

If you still feel that you need to check for Schizophrenia afterwards, check with a T, to make sure there are not past issues (are there)?

Its a lot easier to know and to understand with a lot more information than what is given.

Please check with a doctor as soon as possible to see what can be done.


Nobody on here could tell you if you have it not.

You need to talk to your parents and doctor They will be able to help you a lot more then anybody on here .

Good luck = )

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so, a few weeks ago, my friend told me about his cousin who had an "acid flashback". she took acid,(i'm not sure if it was a bad trip). i'm not usre how long after she was on the acid that this happened, but she had a flashback of it. she was driving and then started buzzing and thought she was a bee.

you're probably not experiencing things like this, but i'm just proposing that maybe whats happening to you is some sort of "flashback" or somthing related to that.

sorry if this didn't help, or if it sounded completely crazy(it probably does). just offering anything that might help you find out whats going on.

hope everything goes well, and that you find some answers.

I developed a similar pattern after huffing gasoline when I was a teenager. I had suffered a bad trip, and it scared the living hell out of me. For months afterward, I thought I was going crazy, but I wasn't. It was only the lingering psychological effects of the hallucinations I'd experienced.

Schizophrenia is a specific type of mental illness with distinct symptoms, but sometimes those symptoms can be caused by things other than schizophrenia. Drug abuse can cause similar symptoms, even if you only took the drug once. Only a qualified doctor can tell you for sure.