i'm a 22 year old woman. i have a ten month old daughter who is absolutely beautiful. her father and i have been in a relationship about 3 years and we currently live together.

before i became pregnant with our daughter, our relationship was very unstable. we fought constantly and he had even slept with another woman early on in our relationship several times. but, i loved him very much... and often blamed his downfalls on the very troubled childhood he had. i guess i suffered from the "i can save the bad boy" syndrome. i felt like i was very much in love with him and stuck through the hard times.

my pregnacy was unplanned and very hard for me. i was 12 weeks when i found out and by that time, there was no turning back.

her father is very emotional abusive. he calls me names, in general speaks very condescendingly to me, i often feel like i'm walking on egg shells around him.. he's like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. we cannot socialize (and drink) with friends because he always starts a confrontation. he sometimes get violent (recently, we were arguing and he snapped my phone in half). we no longer sleep in the same bed and our sex life is basically non existant.

he's a wonderful father to our daughter, but i am just not in love with him anymore. i want him to move out.. but i'm scared of how he will handle it. any advice? please?


Hi there,

I would definitely move out. If you are worried about how your partner will take this--something as important as saving your life and giving you life--then he is not worth staying around, because he will always make you feel bad.

He really needs to clean himself up, but you don't need to be there. You need to find a way to leave, so you can live your own life.

You still can be with your kid, and allow him to see her, but that doesnt mean that he has to treat you badly.



I would definately kick him out. If he's a violent person he may hurt your child. I would advise moving if you can to get away from him. I have a child of my own and he is the most important thing in my life. I would never subject him to abusive behavior. Inform others about him so you're protected.

No "wonderful father" calls a persons mother names. He is teaching your child its ok to be verbally abusive and its not ok. Get a team in line to help you and GO. Only GOD can change people not you. Pray for him and get out. How would you feel if someone called your mom names? I know I might have to ask GOD for forgiveness if someone call my mom names, your child feels same way. Its hurtful to your baby, he loves his mommy, wants you to love yourself so you can love him happy. Trust GOD ask him to guide you, open doors for you and shove your bf out one of them, ops I mean place him gently out of one of them opened doors, GOD Please. Be good now and stay safe. Remember it gets more dangerous when you leave so protect yourself. Gather what friends you can, what money you can and dont show up back until a cool down period has expired or he gets another victim lined up.