why is pc answers closing down later this month? I have always thought it to be a very useful and helpful service. Is anything similar replacing it?


Hi fastoldbiker

It's my understanding that this section will be closing mainly because not many people who post a question ever return to continue being part of other discussions, and many do not even continue the discussion on their own questions, even after others have replied. Only a few are here answering as well.

It is very different on the forum sections though, where there is always active discussion and interaction. So the forums at both PsychCentral and NeuroTalk will be where everyone can go to ask their questions or get info/support.

Here are links to those http://forums.psychcentral.com/ and http://neurotalk.psychcentral.com

We're shutting down this part of the site because it has never become the thriving, vibrant community of people helping one another out answering each others' questions. Instead, we get the same two people who do most of the responding, and that's just a shame. We've certainly given it a fair amount of time and promotion to try and have Answers find its footing.

Also, because of the service we use here, there is a real and ongoing problem with certain types of registrations that make it a daily chore to keep the site running.

We never say "never," so it's possible we might start it back up some time in the future, but for now, the right thing to do is to focus on areas of the website that have more support and activity.

I just want to say that I certainly know the answers part of this site helped me a lot and it's still a part of the site that I look at daily or almost daily. I visit the Psych Central site usually two times a day or more and read almost all of the blogs. For me, the types of questions I felt comfortable answering were about self-harm because that's what I deal with whereas I found it difficult to relate to relationship type questions or parent/child questions as I do not have children. I haven't really spent time in the forems so I guess I will have to check those out here on Psych central. I do commend Chemar and Bella who were very faithful in answering questions, but I do see how hard that can get without enough interaction between users. I also see the challenges of the technical side that DocJohn mentioned. I know the answers part of the site helped me out and I am glad that it was here, hopefully others found it useful as well, but as the saying goes, all good things come to an end....sooner or later. Anyhow, thank you Psych Central, maybe I will see you around on the forems.



Hi Junie - like you, I read a lot of the questions and answers on a regular basis, but also like you I only answer where I feel comfortable constructive and helpful. I find the answers informative, helpful and has increased my understanding. This part of the site was also very helpful and supportive to me when I had problems.

I certainly commend Chemar and Bella for their sincere answers and devotion to the Q&A section. This type of section does suit a certain type person that would like to ask a question that would find the forums too involved and in fact, too complicated.

I will also be sad to see this section closed, hopefully I may see you on the forums in the future.