Recently, I've found myself often getting angry at my boyfriend for no particular reason. We've been great - we have great communication, we work well together, and we understand each other, but sometimes I get angry at him. I thought the stress and anger came from school work, but I've realized that I can't really put my finger down on what I'm angry at. I feel bad for getting angry, and sometimes I figure it's because I want more attention from him and he gives it to me - but why do I still get angry? I know I get jealous easily when I see him with other girls but I know they're just friends and he explains to me that he loves me, but why do I get jealous so easily? I try to control it, but I don't know what gets me every time I see him with other close friends of his that are girls. Why am I always angry for no reason, and why at my boyfriend? What's wrong with me? How can I fix it? This isn’t a really big problem, but it’s the small problems each day that add up to make it overwhelming.


I your getting jelous all the time when you see him with other girls then maybe you doun't fully trust him. has your past realationships been a dissaiontment? maybe it has somthing to do with your chilhood? as for your being angrey alot myabe thats just the way you were taught to be. do you get angrey for littile things or reasonable thing? if you find yourself getting angry maybe you should count to 10 slowly and breath but doun't let your anger show when your around people got to a restroom and start counting avoid problems or maybe if your home grab a pillow and just punch it beat it up.

I think your jealousy has something to do with the fact that you are harboring anger. You may be feeling he may connect with someone who does not exhibit the anger and start to have feelings for them. I do think it has to go with the possibility of guilt over the anger. I too am a jealous wife, but mine has to do with the attention I so desperately crave when I see the smallest attention paid to someone else when I feel so neglected is the catalyst for my issue of jealousy.