My husband and I have been married 31 years and have enjoyed a heathy sex life until recently. In the past few months I have started doing something that I have never done before. During intercourse, I clamp down and push out my husband's penis. I am not aware that I am doing this, he says that it feels that I am pefectly relaxed at the time. There isn't any pain involved at all and it isn't that he can't penetrate, its just during. I have researched some but the only thing that I can come up with is this Vaginitmus or something like that. That doesn't help me much either because I don't have all the symptoms.

Someone help


Hi - I think you should discuss this with your gynecologist and don't be embarrassed. Is there any dryness, because often hormones later in life can cause this - when dryness happens this makes it hard to perform and you therefore tighten up. Menopause can cause vaginal changes and perhaps you're sensing some discomfort.

Another possibility is, if the woman is very constipated, the man can feel like somethings in the way. Also if the woman is experiencing orgasm - this can sometimes feel a pushing sensation. Use plenty of lubrication and I hope you find a remedy. Here's a link to read about Dyspareunia but first check into hormonal changes that involve that can cause changes: