I'm in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend. We live in different corners of Europe, so we can't see each other too often. Maybe once every couple of months and we can spend longer time together during holidays. We met about a year ago when we both were on exchange in another country. We were together there for a couple of months before both left for home. We decided to end the relationship as the exchange ended, but finally we decided to continue. Already when we were living in the same place we had some problems. She's very flirtatous and likes to go out and drink a lot and I know a couple of time guys tried to kiss her at parties etc. She told me this when i asked. It was very hard for me to trust her. This same stuff has been going on when she returned home, heavy drinking, going out, guys trying to kiss her which she has told me. I don't think she's actually done anything more serious but these things bother me anyway. Since I've returned home I've slept with 3 other girls and had close calls on more. All after going out partying and getting drunk. I haven't told my girlfriend about these. I just feel that our relationship is doomed already, When we see eachother things work pretty well more or less. I like very much the idea of being with her. We want pretty much the same things of the future, want to travel, work abroad etc. We have similar dreams. I would really like this relationship to work! I think I love her.

However I have really bad trust issues with her. Maybe it's because I've cheated on her and feel guilty about it and just want to sabotage my relatioship with her. Maybe it's because she's very flirtatous and gets drunk and goes out a lot. Like me I guess. She's not jealous about me going out. When she tells me she's been out I get jealous and ask her if something happened last night etc. and she gets angry with me. I kind of expect her to cheat on me, kind of want her to cheat on me. Like that I wouldn't have to feel guilty. Anyway, my problem is really that I can't trust her, even if I want to, and when she tells me some guy tried to kiss her it hurts me. She gets very angry with me for being jealous and not trusting her. I don't know if my reaction is stupid like she says and if i should just try not to be jealous... Any advice appreciated. Don't judge me too harshly. Is there any point in continuing the relationship?


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Are you serious? Maybe the reason you have trust issues is you cheated on her and made you self consious? Ever seen the Hangover?