I've met this guy online and I really felt in love with him. He said that he would come to meet me however he had problems at work which caused his delays. There was also a time when I really needed him and he lied that he can help me but he did not. Then I met another guy in person. He felt in love with me. He has a kid and much older than my boyfriend.
I got honest with them and told them about it. My online boyfriend was so hurt and so was I. But then he forgave me and accepted me. I waited for us to finally meet but then something went wrong at his work. I feel like losing hope.
Then I contact the guy I met in person and he still wants to be with me. Please enlighten me on what to do.


Hey! You are stuck between 2 men! Well remember that the guy you met in person has a kid. Getting in with him will create problems in his married life, you will be the cause of destruction oh his house. Gettin in with him will also destroy his child's future. The way your online boyfriend accepted you even after learning everythin, proves that he truly loves you. The guy you met in person, has cheated on his present wife and could do the same to you. I think you better stick to the guy online. Whatever your decision is, Good Luck !! :)

the guy with a child , his wife passed away

Hi - is the man with the child married or has a GF? Have you met the online guy in person and spent time with him? Reason I ask is - you'll never really know a person until you spend considerable time in person. Yes the man with a child will have some baggage and the child would be a responsibility if you both became serious. I hope the man with a child is unattached. Get to know this online man before coming to a decision and good luck.

actually the man with a child has no gf. his wife passed away

Give the online guy on ultimatum or go out there yourself! If he's going to keep putting off being with you then it's NOT worth it. In that case, go with the guy thats actually there, real, and that you know wants to be with you in person. No use waiting for something that may never come.

I appreaciate your answers :) those help a lot!

I'll go one step further on the online guy. He's not making the effort, so why are you still bothering. Why give him an ultimatum? You don't even know him! Are you sure he's a guy? Are you sure he's over 13? I know every time I was excited about a potential new relationship, I dropped everything to be with the woman. This man may not be who you think he is, but even so - he is not there. For all intents and purposes, right now, he IS made up.

you should listen to your heart only and do what make you happy