My sis n law has accused me of smoozing my mom n law to get her valuables (none known) says I am fattening my hubby up for the kill. She will talk endlessly about herself and if I try to get a word in, she gets mad that I don't listen. I'm not the only one who can't stand her. No one in the family likes her. She will call me and complain if the b-day card I send her is a day late, but NEVER sends me one for my b-day? I drive to fast, slow, don't use my signals proper, etc. No one else complains? She's in a fight with someone every day. HOW do I get her to stop bitching about everything and let someone else talk once in a while?


Depends. If I were you, I would probably sneak in a really biting observation and say it with 100% confidence, without flinching or letting her interrupt. Be really firm and tell her to stop criticizing and checking you or she'll end up driving you away and set some boundaries. It's hard with people like that. I find they're usually either really anxious or depressed. Maybe you can "hit" her there. Tough call. Keep your cool, though, and do your best.


Say the thing about setting boundaries and to stop criticizing you.

You have to stand up for yourself or she will continue to talk to you in a bad way.