My boyfriend and i had been dating for 6 months, and then the previous July my boyfriend's best friend called me to tell me that my boyfriend had cheated on me with another girl. At that point i was so aggravated i called him to ask him about it and realized it was true and told him I couldn't see him anymore even though it hurt because i loved him. Then a couple months went by and then in October he asked if we could meet up to see how each other were doing and catch up. I figured there wasn't any harm it that so we went and got coffee together and just caught up on our lives and had fun. Later that day he told me how much he missed me and asked me for another chance. I told him he had his chance and that I don't know if the same thing could happen again. He told me he wouldn't ask for this chance if he wasn't serious and didn't mean it. Then he said how much i meant to him and told me i honestly would not regret giving him another chance, so i told him I'd see how things went. Things were going really well so I ended up giving him another chance and we were dating again for another 2 months until he suddenly stopped answering my phone calls and texts. So again i receive a phone call from an anonymous person saying how my boyfriend is cheating on me again with another girl. i don't believe rumors so i called him one last time and he finally answered and confronted him about it and he said he didn't cheat. Then his best friend sent me a picture of my boyfriend cheating on my with another girl so i called my boyfriend and told him it was over then hung up before i heard his word. I haven't spoken to him since and its been a week so far and i can't take it i don't know what to do anymore. I'm falling apart and my heart is breaking.


Hi - I'm sorry you're hurting and feel betrayed - no doubt its very painful. Is your BF still friends with the best friend who tells on him - was the pic just of him standing with a girl? You were nice to give him another chance but if he's cheated again, its time to let him go. Honestly some people aren't ready for a monogamous relationship and should be just dating casually.

It'll take time to heal. Is this friend nice to you? I'm wondering if the friend supported you and the BF getting back together? Wondering if this friend is just a high moralled person or if there's arterial motives of some kind. Be good to yourself and know your feelings are normal. With the holidays coming up, its also normal to feel more emotional. When you're ready for another relationship, don't go for guys who are flirtatious. Hope it gets better soon.

Hey there I agree with Bella you need to take the time to heal and give yourself some space. Surrond yourself with supportive friends and make sure you allow yourself to fully get passed this incident before moving on with another person. I know it hurts now but you will get over it and things will get better.

.I've been through something similar but I gave my bf multiple chances after he cheat because I loved him and we've been together for 8 years with two kids...he even attempted to mess with my own sister...yet I gave him another chance...later I found out he was having a baby by another woman....yet once again I stiiiiilll forgave him....later he tried again with my please do yourself a favor and dont be a fool like me and continue to give him chances...some men just can't just be strong.

My advice would be to go out with some girlfriends and keep yourself busy. Do not take him back. My sister-in-law was in a similar situation. He kept cheating, but she kept forgiving him. She eventually had enough though and broke up with him. He then began to attempt to get back with her by threatening to physically harm/kill himself. She loved him so much and he was her first boyfriend. Where is she now? She is happily married to a man who loves her and takes care of her. They have two kids together and she says she has never loved a man as much as she loves her husband. There is hope for you. It will get better. You just need time and in the mean time you just need to distract yourself. I wish you luck.