i don't know what to do...

i just found out my mom is cheating on my father.. and they fight all the time.

im scared that they are going to end up separating soon. the way i found out was i looked through her phone. i know it was wrong but i heard her talking on it today and heard her say "i love you". and i turned around and my my dad wasn't on the phone. she started texting right after and the min. she left i looked through and they had a date tomorrow night. and they were calling each other babe or baby.

i just don't know what to do. it seems lie everyday they get into more and more fights.

What should i do?



it is sad that your mom appears to be cheating on your dad but honestly, other than talking to her about what you know, there really isn't much you can do about this.

I really don't think you should be going into your mom's phone and looking at her private stuff. Even though what she is doing is wrong, that does not give you an excuse to also do something wrong.

I think maybe just talk to her and say you have overheard some of her conversations and you are worried that this is going to split your family up. Maybe that will give her reason to think a bit more carefully about the consequences of her actions. But I don't think you should talk about going into her phone as that will just give her good reason to turn the convo into what you have done wrong.

It is a rough time you're going through. Stay strong, confront her about this and tell her that either get a divorce or go to counselling. She's not only hurting you, but your father as well. Don't tell her you snooped around on her phone, just say that you heard her conversations and figured out what was going on. But don't be argumentative, sound reasonable. Tell her you're worried this is going to split the family apart, and that it is hurting you emotionally.

Sweetheart, it's not your job to do anything. This is not your fault, and you don't have to fix it. Whatever it is that your parents are going through I know that they love you and will never stop loving you no matter what. I would ask your mom about her date and see what is actually going on, she may be able to help clarify things for you so that younger not so confused and so that you don't have to be alone right now. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you honey, I'm thinking of you, and I hope things work out as well s they can.