So my boyfriend, who gets extremely jealous of me and guy friends, has this new gal friend which is perfectly fine with me. But then he is telling me how much this girl likes him and stuff. So I get a bit concerned about her, but it's still not too big of deal. Then I find out that he loves hearing that kinda stuff from the girl, like that she thinks he's cute and funny and stuff. And he gives her his number and luckily tells her he has a girlfriend. So now they text and whatnot, but he keeps kinda like flirting with her and leading her on. At this point I don't think the girl wants to get in between him and me, but my boyfriend seems to always want to hangout with her and talk with her. I agree we both should have friends to talk to about things tho, but this seems like he likes her a bit more then a friend. Now I find out he has told her that she is cute and stuff. He also mentioned to me that he can see her as a potential girlfriend. And then he actually told this other girl in a text that there is no way something could happen now between them, but maybe in the future.
I am concerned now. He says he only wants to be with me and I know he would never dump me for her. But just the fact that he is thinking this way and then acting upon it gets me confused. I brought it up to him and he admits he shouldn't have done that. But should I still be concerned??


He says there is no way something serious can happen between them now, but maybe in the future, but then says he only wants to be with you?

It definitely sounds like he has other plans. He has to choose who he wants to be with. If he doesnt want to be with you, let him go. He appears that he is just using you and confusing and hurting you.



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Any guy that talks to another girl like that isnt worth the stress. I hate telling people if they should break up with the other person there with but i think u might need to thats really shady that hes acting like that and no man should talk to another girl like that but if u really want to try and make it work tell him how u feel and that he needs to stop talking to her immediately and needs to prove to you that u can trust him.

i had a ex boyfriend and that i was with for two years and he was talking to girls like that and it bothered me and i didnt say anything but sure enough one day i caught him cheating on me and that was the end of it. i just wanted you to know that cause maybe it will help you. i hope the best for you and dont feel like you have to be with him for any reason

Guys tend to say alot of things without thinking, or do/say things just so you know how they really feel, basiclly putting u in their shoes. i think that "wondering" feeling shouldnt last long, because then it becomes mading and you over thinking about it and it could cause more fights and maybe more drama. guys main goal in a realtionship is to have a"easy girl" not in the pants but meaning low frustration. try sitting down talking to him one last time. Have a game plan ready, know what your going to say. making it very clear how you feel, simplify your feelings almost. like your talking to a child. & if he doesnt change something i would end thing for the best. no relationship in worth compromising your happiness.