My mom and dad have been married for 9 years. they have been fighting, and are living separatly but are not divorced yet. i think they are waiting until after my bat mtizvah in April. latley my mom has been contacting an old high school friend alot, and goes to bed crying and texting every night. i hacked into her facebook and read her messages to this man. she constantly confesses hr love to him. i don't know what to do, they have already asked each other to marry. her and my dad are still marreid. and if she marrys the new guy, i have to move to new york from FL.. what do i do? if i confront her and tell her, she will lie and punish me for hacking...



Sorry to hear you are having to deal with the sadness and stress of your parent's splitting up.

There really is nothing much you can do as your mother is an adult, separated from your father and appears to be trying to move on with her life.

I really want to caution you about hacking in to her account. Nomatter the reasons, you are seriously invading her privacy and you would likely be very very upset if she did the same to you.

I think you should try to talk to her and just ask her if there is anything she would like to talk about. Say you have noticed her crying and that you are concerned about her. Hopefully she will tell you honestly what her plans are. As you are a minor, in her custody at this time, you really don't have much choice on where she decides to live. But don't start worrying that far ahead...just take it a day at a time and hopefully the outcome will be good for all of you.

Honey, I'm sorry that you are going through this. I don't think that your mom would move you because if it did come to that your father would have custody over you too so you could stay where you are. Beyond that I would encourage you to talk to your mother, no matter how angry she is about you hacking her account I'm sure that she will understand how you are feeling and try to help you. Thinking of you, hope that you are alright.