So i dated this girl name S for less than a month but since it didnt work out we decided to be friends instead. we didnt kiss hug or any physical contact but communicatin over the phone. later on she found out she has a late stage cancer and has couple months to live. Then i get back with my ex L whose willing to support me mentally and work things out. When we get back i tell L that my friend S has cancer and is dying and i still keep in contact with her over the phone. My girlfriend was fine with it until weeks later she started to feel jealous and angry when she saw my phone gettin texts. whenever she gets jealous i show her wat me and S talk about in our texts. i awlays show her when she feels insecure and asks. all my texts and calls are hows ur day hows treatment and share verses from bible. after couple months my girl S started to get more angry and hatred for my friend S because she kept textin me more often and thats because everytime she goes hospital for check up they keep giving her bad news. my girlfriend even asked to introduce her to her but its impossible because my friend doesnt want to see me or anyone because shes dying and doesnt want pity look on our faces. after a while my girl friend is fed up and blames me that i ripped her heart out and that i chose her over her. all this time i spend everyday every night with my girlfriend L and tell her i love her. and now she still gets mad and angry over her texting me. i love my girlfriend dearly but also care for my friend. My friend S has like month or 2 left to live and i dunno how to let her go, or i don know how to let my girl undersatnd that im just trying to be caring person and this is all we fight about. am i wrong for caring and trying to comfort her till she passes away? am i cheating on my girl now?


Hi - so sorry to hear your friend is dying from late stage cancer. If she wasn't ill, I could understand your GF being upset, but since your friend is terminal, I hope your GF will understand. It does seem you're emotionally invested in this support for your friend and this is stirring your GF's jealousy. I hope you're going to be okay once she passes and does this lady have family support?

Reassure your GF, that everyone deserves support when they're terminally ill and ask her to think how she would feel if she was terminal with cancer. I hope your GF will understand.

Um...I had this problem where I was dating this girl only after 7 months together, we broke up. And said tone friends...but I'm jealous over her leaving me and we'll...I need...I love her and can't let her go.What would you do?