Ok so my boyfriend and I have been together about a year and during that year his drug use has gotten more regular and although he denies it , the paranoia and anger he has is concerning. We have been fighting all the time lately as I have a problem with every thing I say or do being questioned everyday so I get immediately defensive. I have never cheated or anything to deserve the constant doubt he has in me. Also , we have broken up a few times and he painted me as some lying enabler to his parents which made them hate me and now he won't tell them we are back together and it makes me feel like he isn't in this long term. I am just out of ideas. I love him, can we get through this and is it wrong to let it bother me that he hides being with me?



sadly, when you are dealing with an "unrepentant" addict, you are going to be hurt and confused and frustrated most of the time.

I don't know how old you are but my advice to you would be to get out of this relationship before your heart is totally broken! Either that, or let him know that you will be leaving if he doesn't go into drug rehab.

The fact that he has lied about you being an "enabler" and now is lying about continuing his relationship with you, reinforces another point about most addicts...they lie! They lie to themselves and they lie to others. He needs to tell his parents the truth about still being with you and that he lied about the "enabling" stuff too.

I think you can do better and that, even though you love him, you need to let him know that you cannot live with his drug abuse and dishonesty. If he is not willing to choose you above it all....he is not worth your heart!

Thats too bad..well your bf needs help otherwise you'll lose him to them(drugs).your relationship can work only if the both of you want it to,your bf must think of the two of you.

It's either you or the drugs..ask him to choose,tell him that you love him and you're willing to help him get off his habbit if he wants to.

He must trust you because without it,he'll always be insecure and thats not healthy for a relationship.

Your boyfriend needs to go rehab. And for you it's better to find a better person because dealing with it is obviously unhealthy for you.