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I am 26 years old and have been working for in a sales position job for the past 6 months and have yet to make a sale. I have presented several proposals to clients some even with the help of my boss. I am paid commission only so I have not made any money and have been barely getting by with the help of my bf and a $600/month edd check which recently ended 2 weeks ago. After living w/ my bf for 2 years our relationship wasn't the best and now that he is supporting me financially it has gotten even worse. He has always been the type to have an excuse for everything no matter how wrong he is and now that he actually has a legitimate excuse he completely lost all respect for me. He treats me as if i were a loser and goes out of his way to irritate me. I feel like I am unable to tell him something bothers me because then he will use it against me to get under my skin. And, for an added bonus, he makes sure I notice how nice and caring and considerate he is to everyone else. I feel that he could probably care more about a complete stranger than he does me. I have tried to tell him how I feel but he refuses to talk. He says he is too tired, or he rolls his eyes and walks away, or tells me that I am living in the past. Ironically, if i lose my temper and yell at him or call him names then he acts victimized and will talk about my mistakes, which I admit to and apologize for, but then as soon as I bring up a problem I have he completely denies any wrong doing. It seems pretty evident to me that he does not want to be in a relationship with me anymore and so I will try to keep to myself. This never lasts long since we live together and he will continuously try to get my attention by talking with me, wanting to cuddle or telling me he loves me. And then I give in and we continue our routine and we ignore the fact that I was hurt and upset until not to long something happens again and I eventually settle yet again with some excuse he makes up to justify himself. Moving out would seem to be the smart thing to do however since I moved here a couple years ago I have yet to make any friends and since I have no income I spend my days at home alone applying for jobs.


Sorry you're struggling with work and your BF - do all the sales people make commission only? That's tough if sales are slow. Maybe ask if there's a salary position and keep actively looking. Once you get more stable, I agree you should consider whether to stay with this BF because I doubt it will get better. I hope better luck comes your way soon.

Thats gotta be awful. Specially if he doing somethings to get u mad.

Wow you are going through a really tough time. I think you should focus on what you can 'easily' work on i.e. looking for a job more than anything else. Then things will get easier as you will be more dependent and free to make your own decisions. Then you might try to work on things with your boyfriend. But one thing is for sure, he needs to be willing to work with you otherwise it's pointless. I feel like he believes his ways or thoughts are the 'right ones' and that you have to agree to it. There doesn't seem to be room for your opinion, feelings or thoughts...