My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for just over a year now in an exclusive and loving relationship. We were once childhood sweethearts when we were 11 years old and lost touch mid teens only to reunite in May last year and instantly fell for each other. In the years we hadn’t been together he had dated a woman nearly 10 years older than him and she fell pregnant by accident – he was only 23. She made life unbearable for him during her pregnancy and broke it off with him. He kept the pregnancy a secret from his family and friends for months and came clean with his mother, with whom he has a good relationship, when the little girl was 6months old. The ex made it abundantly clear that she was prepared to let him be a part of their child’s life but as an arm’s length father. Or so the story goes.

I found it very difficult to come to terms with the fact that he had this child and would forever be inextricably linked to another woman because of it. I gave myself some space in the beginning and said I wasn’t ready to meet them just yet. Then, as our relationship progressed, so did that of him and his ex and daughter and he began to spend more and more time with them. I finally felt ready to meet them both in about June this year. But he told me that his ex started pushing back saying she wouldn’t allow it until he and I were a sure thing. We had been together for a year and had been discussing the possibility of marriage in the future. I didn’t see how this could be a problem and told him that he clearly hadn’t made that clear to her just how much of a sure thing I was. The more she pushed back and the more they spent time together (with the child) the more I had a gut feeling about just what this woman’s motives were and begged him to let me meet them for the sake of my own sanity so that I could see the relationship between him and the ex for myself and allay any fears that I could be making up in my head. But it didn’t happen and I grew more and more suspicious of her and her motives but he told me that I had nothing to worry about.

But clearly I did, as he has just broken down and confessed to me that he has slept with her twice in the past two months and stayed over at their house when he had in fact been lying to me, saying he was at home (we live two hours apart and only see each other every 2nd weekend, as he now spends alternate weekends seeing his daughter). Apparently the ex made the first move but he never had to follow through and yet he did. In the midst of this, he also confessed that when we had been through a rough patch 9 months ago, he had had one night stand with another woman which never materialized into anything more. I discovered texts from her at the time and confronted him but he told me I was being grossly insecure. Much like he did with his ex.

He broke down into tears and sobbed like a baby when he confessed, telling me he couldn’t go on lying to me – that I didn’t deserve it. And I saw true remorse in his eyes. He has always despised men who cheat and I have always felt so calmed by his stance on infidelity. It was as though I didn’t know who this man was in front of me all of a sudden and he said he didn’t know who he had become and was horrified with himself. I believe that he loves me, I believe that he is truly sorry, but to be honest I don’t know what to do. We both love each other dearly (although you wouldn’t think so given his infidelity, calculated lies and emotional torture, playing on my insecurities so that he wouldn’t be caught out). I really do want to give him the chance to be the man that he used to be and that I know he can be but forgiveness and trust are a huge huge issue (obviously). The biggest problem though, is that the manipulative ex, who is playing on his weaknesses and telling him to “come home” to her and their daughter and that she’s sorry and “lets just be a family” again, is going to forever haunt us and our relationship forever. He has called her and told her he made a mistake being with her and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me – potentially jeopardizing his ability to see his daughter if the ex withholds her – and I see this as a huge and positive step taken by him. He wants to make amends for it all, to become the man he used to be. He said he lost his way and forgot his roots and truly truly loves me with al his heart and wants to make a life with me if I will give him another chance. But what on earth do I do? Or more importantly, where do I begin. She will haunt our relationship forever and he will always be in contact with her for the sake of that little girl. Can I cope? Can I trust? Please please help me, I have never been so confused, hurt and out of control in all my life and could do with a little advice as a starting point. Should I stay or should I go and if I stay how do I handle this incredibly sick and tricky situation he has put us all in?


"He has always despised men who cheat and I have always felt so calmed by his stance on infidelity."

I can understand the dilemma you are in, but he has cheated on you, at least three or four times by my count since you have been back together...

You are definitely in a twixt and twain are basically saying, he either loses the daughter or loses me...

While I know you don't want to leave him, with what is going on with him and the infidelity, I would definitely say you should separate and allow him to continue seeing his daughter.

Of course, this all could be another "work" by him and the ex, time will tell.

I just hope all involved get out of it unscathed as much as possible.



i agree. get out now. that is too much for anyone to deal with.