I attemped suicide in december 2008. through depression and my boyfriend was moving to live with his dad in new zealand. (i'm in england) he wanted a "break" after my overdose. rather than supporting me. he is coming back august 1st 2009. he says hes sorry for treating me like crap before. his mother is controlling over him and he shows minimal independance. though he's 22 in august. she even swapped homes to live in new zealand while he was there for 6 months. (why he cant come back until august) i feel like i hate him fiercely, but i still love him deeply. should i forgive him? or cut the ties? (i am VERY angry too!)


Maybe you should just focus on healing yourself and examining some of the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors that drove you to attempt suicide. Perhaps it's better if you treat him as a friend for now.


he drove to the overdose. i had gone to a december wedding with him and his family. he treated me badly the day after the event. i told him i was depressed because i saw the wedding event as the last milestone before he would leave in february 2009. he was cold, distant and told me he would not see me before christmas. the trigger was his mother stroking his chest and being cold toward me as if i had done something wrong.

I think what drives people to suicide is complicated. While he certainly played a big, big part in it, there are other things that are also going on, like the way you see yourself, the way you interpret the event, and how much faith you have in your own abilities to make a good life yourself that is free from drama. If he played THAT SIGNIFICANT of a role, then it's probably best if not get back into a relationship with him. It might even be better if you not have ANY contact with him for a while. That's my opinion.

I like what Edahn says. It is vital to take care of yourself first and to make sure you are ok, before you move on to even thinking about this guy again.