So there is this guy at my job and i really like him. There no way I could be with him but I still have a slight chance. He is like the guy alot of the other ladies at work like.Once and while I see him checking me out and lately it seems like more attention. So I thought maybe one day he'll come and talk to me so I googled him. And I searched through a coupled webpages and just found some info on him. Also lately I've been trying to see if he is paying attention to me and if he is what did I do so can keep on getting that attention. And its not like he is the only guy to give me attention its just different feeling.
Am I Obsessed?


I don't think you are obsessed, sounds like you have a crush. It happens to everyone. Now, if you start following him home, or keeping his used tissues, there may be a problem...

Where you're are, obsessed or not, is irrelevant. The object is to find something peaceful and resting. For you, it means approaching this guy, taking a risk, believing in yourself, and knowing that even if it doesn't go the way you planned, you'll eventually recover and be a stronger person from it. Can you snap into that mentality?

Hey, it's just the hormones letting you know you're cooking. If he's attention is fleeting, you'll know soon enough. Be yourself and see what happens.

Good relationships come from experience.

Experience comes from bad relationships.

Take a lighter hand. It's not world hunger.

Talk to him...see where it leads, you never know.