Hi. I'm 17 years old and in high school.I've had problems with one of my teachers lately and have even seen the school counsellor about these problems. He is obsessive towards me and is very over-protective. He sometimes scares me. This year had gone out of control. I could not deal with him anymore so I slipped up and told him that I hate him. We(he and I) talked to the principal about the situation and my counseller helped me through the year. He and I sorted out oour differences or so I thought until, he completely ignored me then the next week he tried to keep one of my friends away from me. Now he just keeps getting worse. We are friends one week, the next week he does not speak to me at all, then the next week he won't stop talking to me.

I have told my parents but they regard it as a teenage problem and refuse to help. He is making me feel depressed, the weeks he ignores me I have no idea what I did wrong and worry that he is going to send me to the principal again. On the other hand he scares me when he keeps me in his class to talk to him, he tends to have violent outbursts in class and I worry that if I upset him when we are alone he may get violent.He does get jealous if I talk to other teachers and considers me his star. The principal feels I should stay in his class as changing classes would be a hassle and cause a scandal.

I do not know what to do at this point. I cannot go to my parents or the principal. My teacher is becoming more obsessive and my emotions are going haywire. Please help.



if you don't feel able to tell your parents or the principal then you need to tell your school counselor. Teachers should not ever become personal with a student. They are hired and paid to teach *all* their students equally. Perhaps you and the counselor can go to the principal together? If no-one heeds your concerns, you can also file a complaint against the teacher with the school board.

Great advice from Chemar and I agree with everything she said. Your teacher isn't your friend - he's there to teach and that's it. Don't care if he ignores you - he's trying to get you to react. Don't worry about him becoming violent because he would go to jail and lose his job. You can speak to other teachers and this shouldn't bother that teacher. Follow Chemars advice if things don't improve. Always keep that line between student and teacher - don't allow a friendship to develop. Good luck.


I have recently gone through the same crisis. One of my teachers would not only get over-protective but would also hug us if he got too excited or we scored high marks. Once, when a new girl rebelled he slapped her hard; so hard that his finger marks could be seen. When i told my parents they said that i should not take him seriously, he does it out of care. But we students knew what "care" it was. All of us got together and went to the principal and got him suspended. I would suggest that you should take your friends with you, a whole gang consisting of both girls and guys and go to the principal. Also take your counselor with you. Good Luck! :)