My girlfriend has adhd, anger management issues, lost her brother almost a year ago in a tragic accident, is depressed, and has told me she needs her space. She rarely talks to me, doesn't answer my calls, and rarely returns my texts. It's been four months, and she won't seek help for her problems even though her parents and I have encouraged her to. She talks to other guys, and some of her friends, but I feel left behind. When I ask her if we're still together, she doesn't even respond. I've been very patient, but nothing is changing. I given her space for a while now, but she continues to be distant. I'm confused, losing trust, and she won't communicate with me.


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It's always good to just look at the facts. Girlfriends are people who are interested in you, affectionate with you, and communicative with you. She isn't any of these things. So she isn't a girlfriend. What is she? Someone who used to be your girlfriend.

You won't be a bad guy if you move on. Set yourself free.

Unfortunately, I would have to say that you may want to consider moving from a relationship status to just a friend status.

The best thing you can do for the both of you is to let yourself move on. She may need your support and you can choose to give it if you wish, but the relationship between the two of you is essentially over and probably has been for a while.

You would not and are not a bad guy for ending this relationship. Yes, she's struggling with some issues, but she's bringing you down as well, and that isn't fair. She isn't at a place where she can handle a relationship right now and you deserve to be able to move on and have some freedom.

When things get rough, it's OK to ask for space, but the fact that this has lingered on for months and she's seeking support from other people tells me that you are no longer in a relationship, whether it's been made official or not. You're supposed to lean on one another, not push each other away. I think it's time to make it officially over for yourself so that you can move on. By all means, tell her you'll be there for her as a friend if you'd like, but you need to extricate yourself from this emotional roller coaster. You've reached out and she hasn't reached back, so there's your answer about whether or not you're "still together".

I had a very similar experience with an ex girlfriend of mine. I waited for something to change for a whole year, which ultimately ended up in her telling me she wanted to see other people. I'm not saying the same for you, but personally I wouldn't be in a relationship like that after my experience. Everyone is different, but if you feel you need to move on then you probably should. You may be much happier.

leave you sound to nice to let her take advantage of your feelings. theres someoe out there for everyone but she isnt the one .

well why don't you start going to church an ask her to come along. she need God in her life , bothof my parents pass away and i'm back on top doing fine. Gods is the answer to all our problem but we thing we well fine it somewhere else?????? and still going an going ...........