I am a student currently doing a project on relationships and my hypothesis is women change easier than men in a relationship, please prove it right or wrong or inconclusive.


I honestly, truthfully think it depends on the person, and I do think it depends on whether they want to change or not...I dont think you could classify it either way.

I think women generally accommodate more than men do. Perhaps less these days. Times have changed. I come from a family where the women were fairly submissive and accommodating while the men were assertive and abusive. So maybe I'm biased.

My opinion? It depends upon the realm of change expected. ;)

Meaning, what in the relationship are "you" wanting changed?

Girls like generally to talk through problems, guys can discuss issues, but they prefer to be doing something like shooting hoops while they chat.

Find out what aspects of a relationship you are evaluating and look at them from those ideas...of the "makeup" of people in general. Good wishes!


Wow, tough one. I'm sorry to tell you this but I think it depends. It depends on the age, and it might even depend on where they live. I have seen many a guy bending over backwards to accomodate a girlfriend/wife. It's not always the woman, especially in this day and age.

Try to pic an age range, or do it in groups of age ranges. I wish you all the best!

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It right!.

I feel like every human being are different and it depends on their ego. Some people are more stubborn than others whether its male or female, young or old.

In all honesty, Whether they change isn't dependant on their gender, But on their personality. So there could be someone female, Thinking they don't need to change, But then again, They could think they have to if they want their partner to accept them. Predictable right? But what most people don't take into account is that men are just as fragile as women, So it could be either one, Based on the person.

I think it's all a question of power in the relationship. Whoever establishes power faster in the relationship feels that he/she has the better choice to take advantage of something that's so valuable to them so earlier on in the relationship.