I found out my husband was talking to another married woman. He said he was sorry and it would never happen again, blah, blah, blah. A couple months later wouldn't you know he's been calling her again. So I called and explained to her that if she didn't already know, we are married and she needs to respect our relationship and leave him alone. Mind you, like I said, she is married too. Fast forward a couple more months again and they never did stop talking. I decided that I at least had to know who this woman was, it was really getting to me.Besides, I felt like her husband had the right to know what kind of waoman she was. So I payed quite a bit of money to many of these reverse cell phone searches but couldn't come up with anything but the carrier. So here's the part I'm pretty sure is crazy. I just couldn't let it go. I eventually thru trial and error broke the code on her cell account and accessed her call logs and info. I have to say I really didn't think about the fact that it was against the law until after the fact. Mind you, a 4 digit pin has 10,000 possibilities, about 5-6 hrs of time all together. I was almost posessed until I broke the code, it was really like an impulse I felt like I couldn't control. My question is not concerning him, I don't even want to go there,lol. Did I lose it for a minute or is that within the normal range when something like that happens? Should I be waiting for the next episode? And someone told me that it was wrong to her in general that I had no right. But I feel like they pushed me to that and why would I respect her? They have caused so much pain in my life why shouldn't she get dealt a little something back?


you havent gone crazy u deserve to know the truth behind this mystery women he has been talking to and if i were u if he is not willing to be honest get rid of him

Well, yes, I do feel that it is a bit wrong. The most usual response a person would expect if they found out that someone is cheating is for that other woman or other man to get hit by the other partner (not telling you to do that).

You do definitely have to worry about legal issues, especially if it is found out in court or anything that you did do this.

The one thing I do agree with crazybones on is that you do deserve to know the truth, and if he continues to stick around her and go behind your back, and he isn't honest (which it appears he isn't), I would get rid of him too.