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So i dated this girl name S for less than a month but since it didnt work out we decided to be friends instead. we didnt kiss hug or any physical contact but communicatin over the phone. later on she found out she has a late stage cancer and has couple months to live. Then i get back with my ex L whose willing to support me mentally and work things out. When we get back i tell L that my friend S has cancer and is dying and i still keep in contact with her over the phone. My girlfriend was fine with it until weeks later she started to feel jealous and angry when she saw my phone gettin text Read More »
I was wondering if you could tell me if something was my fault. I'm 16 and I had a guy friend that was a couple of years older than me. I knew him from church so naive as I was I trusted him. I thought that because he was a Christian that he would be respectful and kind to me, but like I said I was naive. So at first we just wrestled and were playful like that. I had never gotten that much attention before so I ate it up. He was always talking about how guys should respect girls and wait until after marriage to sleep with them so that made me trust him even more. I got to know him fo Read More »

why is pc answers closing down later this month? I have always thought it to be a very useful and helpful service. Is anything similar replacing it? Read More »
i don't know what to do...

i just found out my mom is cheating on my father.. and they fight all the time.

im scared that they are going to end up separating soon. the way i found out was i looked through her phone. i know it was wrong but i heard her talking on it today and heard her say "i love you". and i turned around and my my dad wasn't on the phone. she started texting right after and the min. she left i looked through and they had a date tomorrow night. and they were calling each other babe or baby.

i just don't know what to do. it seems lie everyday they get into more an Read More »
My mom and dad have been married for 9 years. they have been fighting, and are living separatly but are not divorced yet. i think they are waiting until after my bat mtizvah in April. latley my mom has been contacting an old high school friend alot, and goes to bed crying and texting every night. i hacked into her facebook and read her messages to this man. she constantly confesses hr love to him. i don't know what to do, they have already asked each other to marry. her and my dad are still marreid. and if she marrys the new guy, i have to move to new york from FL.. what do i do? if i confron Read More »
My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. I was very in love and loyal, but found out he had been cheating on me and had multiple other partners, so we broke up. After a year, he seemed very different and had changed his life around for the better, so we got back together. Since then he has not cheated but has gotten increasingly controlling, and as a result I have lied to be able to spend time with old friends etc. When guilt overcomes me and I admit to the lies I have told, he imposes consequences on me and more rules and says that I deserve them and it is the only way he will trus Read More »
I am 28 and I have been out of college for a while. I have been dating my 31 bf for 7 years and I have never been with another man sexually. As a college student was friends with a guy. We were/ are very close and I ALWAYS felt very safe around him. After college he went into the army and I have not seen him since that time a year ago. This past weekend a mutual friend of ours threw a party at a local bar and I attended. My boyfriend had to work so another friend came with me. I won't lie, I was drinking. I was not blacked out but I will admit that if I had not stopped when I did, I would hav Read More »
I've met this guy online and I really felt in love with him. He said that he would come to meet me however he had problems at work which caused his delays. There was also a time when I really needed him and he lied that he can help me but he did not. Then I met another guy in person. He felt in love with me. He has a kid and much older than my boyfriend.
I got honest with them and told them about it. My online boyfriend was so hurt and so was I. But then he forgave me and accepted me. I waited for us to finally meet but then something went wrong at his work. I feel like losing hope.
Then Read More »
I am 20 years old. I have been with my boyfriend for about eight months. We went to high school together in our junior/senior years, but we didn't actually start talking until college. We began hanging out and I had a blast. I loved being around him because he could always make me laugh. I used to be nervous when we would hang out but as soon as I saw him all the nervousness washed away. He then asked me to be his girlfriend. I started to freak out and told him I needed to think about it. At the time I wasn't sure if i was ready for a relationship (I never dated anyone before him). A Read More »
Hi. I'm 17 years old and in high school.I've had problems with one of my teachers lately and have even seen the school counsellor about these problems. He is obsessive towards me and is very over-protective. He sometimes scares me. This year had gone out of control. I could not deal with him anymore so I slipped up and told him that I hate him. We(he and I) talked to the principal about the situation and my counseller helped me through the year. He and I sorted out oour differences or so I thought until, he completely ignored me then the next week he tried to keep one of my friends away from Read More »