just wondering if there was any antidepressant that didnt decrease sex drive


A lot of people who take any antidepressant have reduced sex drive. I have heard people mention Wellbutrin and Prozac, but what you should really do is be more concerned about how the medicine would affect you totally at first.

Everyone would like to have a regular sex drive (or above regular), but if the depression is not treated as well as it would be with taking an antidepressant with a low sex drive--which would you choose? You have to make up your mind with that--would you rather be happy with little sex, or be somewhat miserable with a lot of sex?

Read what Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antidepressant#Sexual says about it. While Wikipedia is not always reliable, this information, at least in that section, is accurate.

I hope you do find an antidepressant that works well with your sex drive and your depression...check with your T, but be safe with it as well.

Keep us up to date!

Wellbutrin and Serzone and two of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants that tend to have lesser sexual side-effects than SSRIs (like Paxil and Zoloft) and SNRIs (like Effexor and Cymbalta). A poor sex drive is also commonly a symptom of the depression itself, so it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two in some people.

Talk to your doc about what medication is best for you.

Thankyou cyLde and doc john,after reading the link to wikipeadia i am going to ask my dr if I can perhaps take bupropion as well as the fluoxetiene.Its not really the sex drive that is the real problem its the lack of the usual intensity of orgasam that bothers me.I worry that I will end up not being able to reach orgasam.and that in turn messes with my head.Thankyou both for your imput i will let you know what the dr says.

yes...Aurorix...(moclobemide)..and Esipram...(Escitalopram).

I personally have used both of these , with no adverse effect on labido.

Check with your doctor.


I'm not a medical doctor, so I can say definitively, but it seems there might be one antidepressant that won't affect you so terribly, and you have to just keep trying them to find out.

Don't allow your MD to put your concerns aside totally. If he/she won't address changing the medicine, then ask what else you can take or do to help improve your libido.

If nothing helps in the physical realm, then work on enjoying this activity as best you can emotionally/psychologically. You may need more romance and closeness until you have better physical times. TC!


I tried fluoxetine, Mirtizapine and duloxetine and they all increased my sex drive mwa ha although i dont like it cus im asexual so it makes me frustrated cus i dotn wanna have sex but i hAave a sex drive so i get flirty but guys then wanna have sex and i physically do but i wont ever do it so its annoyyiingnggg haha blah depends on the person more than the rdrug i believe anyways. each drug effects each person differently so there is no definate answer my friend. trial and error is the way

Celexa seems to not effect my sex drive. I take it at night.