So me and my boyfriend been together for quite some time now. I never questioned anything hes said to me but after a few incidents i dont know if i should trust him. Here are a few reasons....The other day i dont know how exes came up but he mentioned me being friends with my ex still on fb and I was like if it that big of a deal i will delete him, and I did. Just the next day he said something about him deleting all his exes off fb and blocking them, (He randomly volunteered to tell me he did.) then as I'm laying on his chest he was on his phone scrolling through his news feed and I see one of his exes in it. I told him I thought you deleted your exes, and he said I did she added me back. I said how did she add you back if you Supposently deleted all your exes and blocked them. why lie about it. And I got upset.. It's not that I care if he cool with his ex but why lie about something like that. this is also the same ex that he was going to hang out with behind my back when I went out of town. He apparently didn't go and see her.So he says. It just makes me think what else is he lieng about. I didn't even tell him to delete his exes.
He also went out of his was to contact another one of his exes that claimed has treated him Badley and lied about him being the father of her child. I confronted him about it and he says he contacted her just to see how she was, and if she was alive. I told him it doesn't make since for you to hate her so much and after all the stuff that she Supposently put you through and contact her just to see how she is doing. And ehy would you want to be around all the negativey anyways. I do know for sure if something is going on, but I know something isn't right.


Hi - he could be having mixed feelings as to whether its necessary to delete exes. Maybe you both should agree its fine to still have exes, as long as its kept civil rather than too friendly. For some its also hard not to be nosey and look what friends /exes are doing lol. Many have privacy settings, so if you're not on their friend list, you can't anonymously look at their profiles.

I don't think he's doing this for bad reasons, so have a nice talk. If may just be easier to keep the exes on the list rather than deleting them - unless they're causing a problem. Good luck.

Yeah that's the problem with cheating. You think something is going on, you feel that it is, but until you actually have real proof, it is too hard to just walk away and end something you are mostly happy with.

I had that situation once with a guy. Different clues all the time, but he would always lie his way out of it. So what can you do, if you have some guy swearing it's nothing, and you just have vague suspicions otherwise? Eventually I caught him though, and we broke up. Actually it was kind lucky or unlucky I caught him even at that time, only by chance, or it all could have gone on even longer.

So I don't know, I think this could be not a good sign. The fact that he brought it up is suspicious. Almost like he was testing you, like to see what you knew.

But it's not enough for now to say anything wrong was happening. Just keep and eye out, but try not get crazy about it. See how nice he treats you otherwise, and eventually you'll figure it out, if he is for real or not.

I think maybe you should have an honest talk with him. You must also be honest. You may want to ask him straight forward but not in a way that will start an argument. You should be sure and tell him exactly how you feel and why you feel that way.