okay so i'm depressed suicidal and potentially bipolar...i've been hospitalized for an overdose a few years ago seen a councelor but stopped and still think about killing myself. basically i want to know if i should open up and ask for help (which i've already done but i stopped because i didnt like it) or should i get forced into help. the only reason why i ask this is because if i openly ask for help i'll want to stop and continue my distructive ways but i feel if i'm forced then i can actually change.... to help with this answer i'll explain how i act better...ive recently started drinking alot, i take an excessive amount of pills to feel better i have cut before and i think about killing myself everyday i've taken online tests and have had results that say i'm bipolar i have the urge to steal and get into trouble just for the fun of it and i hate myself at times at other times i think i'm top shit....so if you can tell me which way to go then that would be amazing and i dunno any other advice or anything would be good too



Hi there,

I would definitely ask and seek help, because you want to be feeling better, don't you?

The way you describe your situation, it has not been a good one, so why keeping doing the same thing?

I would suggest finding a therapist or doctor to discuss these issues with.

Hope that helps. Please be safe.