So I've been diagnosis with PTSD and major depression and lately i have been seeing images of my wife trying to kill me and me killing her why is this happening is it my PTSD relating with depression to her? WHAT DOSE IT MEAN?



this really is something you should be discussing with your mental health doctor. It may well be related to the PTSD but we really are not qualified to even speculate on that.

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Hi there, I am an individual diagnosed with PTSD and currently in a group therapy and 1:1 CBT. I was told that violent dreams are linked with PTSD. I was asked to write down dreams if I have them and can remember them, so I keep a journal by my bed. Actually to be diagnosed with PTSD, that is one key criteria, reoccuring dreams. Its kinda a hard question to answer concrete, as their is still debates on what dreams are in the first place.

This is only a personal opinion or guess: I am very avoidant in dealing with PTSD, I will not go near or think about the event . I repress any form of memory and have black out periods that I remember nothing. My brain shuts down and I become numb when something triggers it. I suffer from alot of nightmares, not always specific to the event happenings itself. I personally believe your subconcious is working when you are sleeping and although these dreams might not be completely specific to the event that did occur, it has some form of correlation. Do you go to a therapist or any type of group setting support?