i am damn scared of spiders!! I cant even see it. what do i do?



fear of spiders is called arachnophobia and you can have specialized therapy to help you overcome this.

I agree - you can get into behavioral and desentization therapy where you would slowly be encouraged to look at them and eventually you might even hold one. Fear of spiders is very common. I have a mild fear but I can still kill them if I have to. But I get creeped out by fast moving spiders. I remember when I was 3 I was scared by a black spider crawling up my pants - I think that's why I ended up being scared of them.

A couple years ago when my daughter was 5, she was invited to a birthday party where this guy brought zoo animals. He also brought a tarantula and encouraged the kids to hold it. Well my daughter amazingly was brave and held it! If you do end up getting to the point to hold a spider - I recommend tarantula's because they move slow.

Hi Xesnobia,

Like the others have suggested it seems that you have a phobia related to spiders. Yes there is treatment for this that really helps. I am going to include a website about phobias, with signs symptoms and treatment options.

Please consider giving this website a read it's really good.


Hope that helps.

It also would not hurt to go see a therapist, especially if this fear involves you not living your life like you want.



thanks so much everyone. i will consider your advice

A lot of people are afraid of things and have phobias and most of the time the easiest way to dim down the phobia or at least get it under control is to go see a therapist who can help you, especially if it impacts your life in anyway. Hope this helps!