Hi there. I am a fifteen year old female. I will try to make this as short an informing as I can, and I hope that you all will help me in any way that you can.

I am concerned that I am developing(and by developing I mean that it is getting worse by the year) OCD and possibly anxiety. I have taken several reliable online tests and read up on the symptoms, and I am quite certain that I have it.

I will post some of the symptoms that I am having.

It first started when I began obsessing over people making noise when they eat. Not just clicking of the plates, I mean ANY noise at all. I get mad when they do(even though I don't it myself) and tell them to be quiet or shut up. Because of this, I usually eat in a different room from my family because my older brothers ag it on by smacking loudly or slurping when they drink on purpose.

Then, I started having a very strong sexual drive. Which, when I was fourteen, I thought wasn't normal. And I don't mean just thinking about it every now and then, I mean ALWAYS thinking about it. I am still a virgin, but this kind of worries me about what happens when the question of sex does come up, and I will be stuck on my decision, even though my religious morals say that sex before marriage is a sin.

Also, I always have visions about me doing bad things to my parents or other loved ones. Not just little things either. For example, last week I kept having a reacurring thought that I would grab my brother's head and skin it to the bone on concrete. I would never do this to my brother, and I cringe at the thought of it, but it won't go away.

Another thing I noticed is my daily routine before school. It never changes. I have to go in the shower one way, and go out the other. Then, I HAVE to do everything in order, perfectly in order, or I KNOW that I will have bad luck.

Then, I just do strange stuff. Constantly repeating the same word for no reason. Locking the door over and over and over again. Listening to a song for 4+ hours over and over again.

I am concerned. My parents think it is no big deal, and people laugh at me when I tell them about my problems.


- Alone with no control...


Some of that stuff I don't think is OCD. Listening to a song for 4 hours, for instance. When I read that, I thought to myself "4 hours? That's nothing." LOL.

If you're bothered by these thoughts, then you can see someone to help you become less bothered by these thoughts. That's the key to overcoming these things -- not making a big deal. If you know who you are and retain control of your ACTIONS (but not your thoughts), you can let these thoughts go. Eventually, they'll tire themselves out.

I'm not an expert in OCD, but I used to have some habits as a kid. I let it go by knowing that it wasn't a big deal to have certain thoughts because they weren't reflections of what I really wanted. And, surprise surprise, they always went away after a few minutes. The trick is not worrying about it. I know it's easier said than done, especially when your mind tricks you into feeling guilty. Just practice. Experiment.

You can also find a therapist to help guide you through the process of not worrying. Tell your parents that you took some tests and would like to meet with someone now, before it gets worse and requires more intensive therapy. (Between you and me, I don't think it's likely to get any worse, but it's a good thing to say to get them to listen.)


I think it is a good chance, but I would recommend discussing this with a school guidance counselor firstly, and seeing what they think.

If they feel you should go to therapy, you really need to find out a best way to discuss it to your parents.



I'm a 16 year old guy, and I can DEFINITELY relate to some of your problems. Not so much the last few paragraphs, but the eating and keeping things the same I especially relate to. Yet, I do create scenarios of what might happen often, and sometimes get off track obsessively focusing on them. Best of luck to you, and I made a question 10 minutes ago with my problems. The advice given to your question was decent, but I would modify them to get specific help and confirmation. Seeing a counselor is not what I want, I can manage my ailing and I just hope to find a solution for inner peace. And who knows, maybe these obsessive actions will translate to our work in the future, and hopefully work out as a benefit.

Hi, I know what you re feelin now, like you I might also be sufferng from OCD, even I know I might not be in the position to give you comment for treatment, but should you need to talk to someone I may be some help.

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